Transform your life
with Light Keys!

Transform your life
with Light Keys!

Transform your life
with Light Keys!


Embrace your divinity &
be the master of your life!

Embrace your divinity &
be the master of your life!

Embrace your divinity &
be the master of your life!


Empowering Possibilities
to spread light & lightness

Empowering Possibilities
to spread light & lightness

Empowering Possibilities
to spread light & lightness


Live classes & coaching
sessions for Magical Living

Live classes & coaching
sessions for Magical Living

Live classes & coaching
sessions for Magical Living


Consultation to create change

Appropriate techniques for spiritual healing from Nila’s repertoire are flexibly applied to address client concerns in various dimensions of life, encompassing the physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual realms.

Light Keys to experience the miracle

Nila’s channeling has birthed a profound modality, with spiritual healing at its core. Showcases a meticulously curated selection of high vibrational keys, practices, protocols, processes, and frequencies, for the rejuvenation of your body, life, and being.

Classes to get empowered

Unlock the potential of joyful living through spiritual healing in Nila’s online sessions, tailored for individuals and groups alike. These sessions foster clarity, empowerment, and the elimination of limitations.

Attunements and Energy Transmissions

Nila specializes in attunement and facilitates potent energy transmissions, catalyzing profound vibratory shifts – thereby aiding recipients in transcending to an elevated spiritual healing vibrational space.


Nirmala Raju
Nirmala Raju, or Nimi or Nila as she is known, began her spiritual journey in 1997. For more than 15 years she has been exploring the world of healing and has made it her quest to study numerous modalities that can bring spiritual and physical relief to those in need.
Nila has facilitated numerous people across the globe to choose emotional and physical wellbeing. Nila has also been coaching people and conducting classes worldwide to empower people & help the embrace their divinity.
  • Diploma in Channeling
  • Certified Reiki Practitioner
  • Money Reiki Grand Master
  • Body Talk Access Technician
  • Certified Oneness Blessing Giver
  • EFT/TFT Tapping Master practitioner
  • Certified Belief Clearing Practitioner
  • Certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner


“I am so glad to share I did first session of SGF today, it was mind blowing experience. We shifted mountains. Received So much awareness on body shaming and having body at all. It was priceless moment when she took her after selfie and screamed with joy looking at that. She looked different. Felt different, What magic of you can you unleash when you shine your true light? Thank you Nila for this amazing creation. It was so joyful to perform this session. Universe can I have more of that please?”

“Synchronising the body with earth call” was amazing. I felt the vibrations so strong I had to go out for a walk even though it was raining and cold( I normally prefer to stay warm even if there is slightest of chillness). I kept repeating the words love you to all the trees on the path and also stood in the rain, cold mud for couple of minutes bare foot – the feel was amazing. I repeated the light phrase too and had a good sleep! Thanks Nila for this wonderful call.”

“This is an amazing gift to have. The light key blessings and attunements have been a gift to my clients, creating many shifts. It leaves me feeling so happy and grateful.”

“My daughter was throwing tantrums before sleeping at night from 10-12 days. I was bit irritated with that and spend long time rocking her to make her sleep. Then I remembered about Light Matrix command which I learnt in Festival of Lights . I ran that command 4-5 times and she slept within 5 minutes. I was amazed so I ran that command again when she was putting her fingers in mouth continuously. And again in 5 minutes she stopped doing that. Thanks Nila , it’s a magical command.”

“I have worked on curses and Blackmagic from many years using multiple modalities. It’s been releasing in stages and I had been getting awareness bit by bit on what all I have inherited from my parents and what they got from their parents. The day I paid for this class almost 10 days before, I got awareness on another layer in the whole family line which was carrying this. That was big aha and release. In today’s class for me it was assimilation of whole release I feel finally done with this. The word Blackmagic feels just another concept now. I am feeling so free and so much space. I am so much in gratitude for having light key healing tools.”

“I felt the energy of light around myself, every molecule of my body was syncing with it. Feeling more energetic and calm, content. Doing things with the speed of light. I felt the Presence of my Guru and even Mother MirraAlphasaa. I have always experienced the presence of my Guru during my attunements and today Felt the presence of Mother Mira Alphasaa too. I’m enlightened.”

“Ease key magic I applied for a Visa for me and my son. My consultant said though our case was straightforward, it usually takes 2 months and due to ‘COVID backlog’ it might take longer. I had a little fear going on. I did fear dissolver. I practised a lot of ease key. I drew it on application and in paper and air – whenever and wherever I can. I couldn’t believe – our Visa was granted in 2 days – really! Thank you so much Light Keys and Nila for sharing it with the world. ✨✨✨✨✨”

“So much ease with body …the energy using the tools and going beyond time is self mastery , Thank u so much 💕Nila. Every day is such much fun using sharp shark frequency 🦈My body is transmuting with waves of kindness ❤️The fluid balance protocol does magic to balance my harmone and metabolism. Joyous body protocol is magical. My arthritis pain has completely vanished. stiffness has disappeared and body so beautifully is getting flexible.”

“Good morning Nila Ma’am .. I just want to share my experience… which my logical mind was not ready to accept…since the day we did gorgeous body class I am feeling my belly areas fat is shrinking n since that day I have been envoking the AVK frequency n I am feeling so light at this area the fat is transmuting in to strengthen muscles of that area…Thank you soooomuch..🙏🏻HDIGABTT ♥️.”

“I use frequencies to create peace in my office situations,I had to attend meeting with chairman since my boss was absent, we needed to deliver news that wasn’t matching to his expectations, I did my work before meeting. It went smooth he accepted easily and meeting got over in 15min without unpleasant discussions 😀. Light key frequencies are magical indeed 😍”

“Another magic by the Magic lady -Prosperity mudra. When Nirmala gifted this in one of her classes , I made a mental note to experiment this. I used to believe things don’t easily come to me. I thought ‘what is the worst case scenario? I would have spent 3*3 mins for 3 days practising this with no change for me’I practised the mudra as taught. Wonders happened for me. With ease I got £10K insurance money , out of the blue £1500 tax returns and then I get an email from insurance giving me clearance to claim another £150. Beauty is everything came with total ease. I am going to continue practicing this mudra to become a prosperity queen- with all the ease in the world. :)) Many thanks NIrmala for sharing this and making a difference in all our lives.”

“Today I had a sound sleep, deep sleep. Work up early than my usual time still am feeling fresh. Never had such a deep sleep post deliveries. It was like I slept after yrs n yrs.”

“Magic magicmagic.Thank u nila .The pain is gone on which u worked yesterday it’s really magic,Always when i get up in morning i have pain in my legs n not able to walk n today in my sleep itself i was not having pain n was able to walk freely in morning.Thank u thank u thank u”

“Hello magnificent souls… I wish to share an experience. About 12 years back I had a small lower back surgery. About a week back the same area got inflamed and infected for no apparent reason. The doctor suggested drainage surgery asap. On the same evening we had our advanced forgiveness class. After the class, 30-40 % of the inflammation had reduced. I listened to the recording again and followed the processes once more. Total I visited my doc again and he said the scar had shrunk and almost healed. No surgery required only medicines for 5 days. Thank you so much Nila Ma’am for bringing so much light and lightness in our lives.”

“I chose to sign up for the Light festival mainly for the Light medicine Body Reset protocol, have been hearing about it since launch.. From many days I had 10+ intensity knee pain and couldn’t sit with folded legs.. I was looking forward to this session to heal them.. when the session started I felt as if someone was painting my legs with gold.. I could feel the brush strokes and then a whirlpool of energy around my stomach through the lower body started as if it was washing my internal organs.. The energy reached every nook and corner where I had niggling pains for years and my fingertips were vibrating high.. Yawning continuously when the session got over i sprung up like a Jack in the box and VOILA! My knees had zero pain and I could sit with legs folded.. One hour post the session I’m in very high energies, feel light like a bird. I am surely signing up for Light medicine courses and determined to honor my vehicle on this planet. Deepest gratitude for bringing light into our world!”

“Hello dears,I finished my master key today.The beautiful changes are coming in the form of possibilities, new openings …more people approaching for counselling, being recommended. The beautiful changes are coming in the form of possibilities, new openings …more people approaching for counselling, being recommended. Being appreciated. I OWE it light keys.ThanksNila firstly for channelling and then Sharing”

“Kindness key to mee is what a mom is to kid 😊 my magic mantra 24/7 resolving ,dissolving any issue from needle to elephant. From Body/head/tooth ache to housing society blabber, loan lenders to rambling bosses, work hassles to household bickering, Sick aunt to troubling landlord, mending household appliances to sewing ,comforting broken hearts , holding anger & spreading love , learning patience to controlling emotions ,gaining strength basking with energy , nurturing relationships , kindness keys & waves of kindness have taken full charge of keeping me at ease.Special mention my heart no longer pounds with fear instead bounces with courage 🙏🏻🌟last but not the least when you are tired & desire some rest just lie down in the lap of the kindness key & doze off to a sound sleep ❤️Kindness key is monasjoy😊Thankyou Nila forever in deep deep Gratitude🙇🙏🏻🌟💜❤️”

“My friend fell off a horse had a badly broken wrist. She had to undergo an operation have a plate put in. Before the surgery, she requested for some healing, and I did JBP for her.After the operation, she was elated. This was what she reported. “The fracture was worse than expected but the good news is they operated just in time so the nerves and the hand could be saved. There were 2 fractured, 3 dislocations and a major nerve trapped. Yes…apparently the impossible became very possible…the doctors thought they wouldn’t be able to repair the wrist a miracle happened so much gratitude for you”

“Thank you Nila for such a wonderful call yesterday on the 10+ tools to be a People Magnet.Today I used one of the tools to call for the right person that could bring a solution at work and lo and behold….I received the help we asked for Like I mentioned yesterday on the call I am doing more events and videos for my organization, since the crowd puller call. And since the Star Glow facial, I am being noticed and recognized by the Management for various projects. Can’t wait to see what magic this class creates. Thank you Nila for introducing the magic of Light in my life. Lots of love.❤️”


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