10 simple strategies to feel better (now 11!)

10 simple strategies to feel better (now 11!)

When you feel low, try any of the following strategies and feel better immediately:

1. Ask yourself ‘What if this situation changes magically as I desire?’ and write in detail how you will feel if it happens, how your environment will be, how your posture will be etc – use your imagination and write down even the tiniest detail that comes to your mind.

2. Collect pictures of places/objects/activities that make you feel happy. Make an album with these pictures and view it when you feel low. Nature, flowers, babies are my favourite. I have collected loads of beautiful pictures from the web and view them as a slide show in my computer. You can have different folders for different emotions.

3. Write down 10 best moments in your life in detail. If possible, attach pictures of the event and read this when you are upset. This will lift your spirit up

4. List 10 favourite activities that you enjoy. When you feel bad, perform any of these activities. Your negative emotion will be transformed into positive emotion

5. Make a playlist with 10 songs that make you happy/calm and listen to it when you are down

6. List down 10 features/assets/resources/people that you value most in your life. Write them down. This list will help you find the strength you need when you feel low.

7. Tell yourself that it is ok to feel these emotions. Visualise the emotion as an object and describe it. This technique helps you detach yourself from the emotion. When you no longer identify yourself with the emotion, you can handle it effectively

8. Feel the whole intensity of the emotion. You’ll see that the intensity reduces drastically in a few seconds.

9. Imagine you as your best friend. Do what you’ll do if your friend is feeling like you do now. Will you give a hug? Will you say some kind things about him/her? Will you simply assure him/her that things will be better? Do the same for you.

10. Write down the thoughts behind your emotions. Come up with some counter arguments based on facts. For example, if your thought is ‘I am so unlucky’, your counter argument will have facts that says otherwise.

Try this and you will find enormous relief.

The above article was written a few years back when I had not known Access Consciousness.

After having known AC, I would add the following to the list above: 11. Just be in the question. Ask the following questions about your emotions: Who does this belong to? What does it take to shift this? What else is possible here? Important thing is NOT to look for answers for these questions… just be the question.

As AC says, ‘Questions open up new possibilities’ What energy, space, consciousness can I and the universe be for the readers of my blog to live their life in Love, Light, Laughter and Joy? 🙂