11 session – 11 prizes – Happening today!

11 session – 11 prizes – Happening today!

Do you know why we love JBP (Joyous Body Protocol)?

JBP is not simply about healing the body. JBP brings on a zest for life for so many people! We are forever flooded with heart warming self help and client stories of JBP magic! Listen to one such share by Facilitator Jackie MacLean

Have you signed up for the Festival of Light yet – Happening today!

We have advanced processes from 11 Expert Healers over a lightness packed 3 hour journey, and there are loads of prizes to be won too!

Here is a share:
“I cant explain the experience from today’s healing.. my body was vibrating even after the healing for long.. and a very visible glow on my face.. eyes and face are brighteened up. Its phenomeneal.. I am sure next 10 days will be life transforming as light keys are!”

This is like a Lightness Servicing for the body for kicking in the rest of 2022. You can revisit the recordings and receive your favorite processes and attunements as many times as you like.

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Live the Life You Desire

What if we gave you a 3 step process to get in touch with your authentic desire, remove blocks and activate the seeds of your desire?

What would you choose? What wuld you like to do? Where would you like to live? Whom would you like to be associated with? What would you own? What would you earn?

And what if YOU could choose all of this?

It is happening on 1st February. Go here to register:

Nila conducted the JBP Level 2 class on the 25th and the processes simply blew away the practitioners’ minds.

Here is a share:
“Hey Nila thank you so much for JBP 2… I slept like a baby for almost 10 hours and still didn’t feel like waking up”

“Nila, Thank You for JBP level 2. I loved the processes.
I have been awake all night after all the process.
Used the time to create plan and work flow. Had complete ease and clarity.
What more magic can we now create”

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What more magic can we create together?

In appreciation of you,

IH Team