180 deg change with one baby step

180 deg change with one baby step

How are you? Hope you had a relaxing week end and looking forward to the month of May.

If you are stressed for some reason or so tired of going on a loop, please read on. You may receive an encouraging insight from my experience.

One baby step

About 2 decades ago, I did not have any friends – literally none. My fortress was tightly shut and I was all alone inside. I hated life and God.

Today, I have people around the world who care for me very deeply, looking forward to connecting with me, sharing their struggles and excitements with me etc…

I get an excited call from Tagit in Israel at 3-AM her time how much she enjoyed doing light key intro… I get a message from someone in Bangalore how she learns from me in her dreams… I see gratitude note from an entire family in the UK how light their lives have become…

I wake up to miracle stories and gratitude notes almost every day. Some of them touch me so deeply and make me cry. I am incredibly grateful to all these people for receiving me as I am. I can be good, bad and ugly with them. Isn’t it awesome now I have a global family?

I can’t believe I have literally turned my life around 180 degrees by working on myself… by letting go of resentments layer by layer.

You know what, people used to call me STUBBORN – yes, truly, I was very stubborn and I had extremely fixed points of view. May be, I still am. If such a stubborn head can do it, any one can. Trust me on this… you can change anything. You just got to take one step at a time. Remember, just one more baby step…

Light key journeys in May

I am conducting Light keys intermediate class on 9th May. If you like to learn from a live class rather than doing self study, please join. You will learn the next set of keys for prosperity, life, health, fame etc and you will also learn to experience the keys. This course is a pre-req for many facilitators’ course.


If you have never been a teacher or facilitator and love to become one, here is a great opportunity. You can become a facilitator of Light key frequency and start conducting certification courses. The pre-requisites are minimum and the facilitators’ training is also at 33% of the original price as an intro offer. One of the pre-req is Basic Light Key frequencies course. Light key frequencies are very potent tools to use on your body and life to create desired changes. This is a certificaiton course. Please feel free to jump in:


Free support

Your favourite Joyous Body healing is back on 12th:


Group coaching call will be announced shortly.

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What more magic can we create together?

In appreciation of you,