25% discount code

25% discount code

Hope you are doing well and using the lock down to your advantage.

Heart ache and getting hurt

If you are someone who gets hurt easily or get your heart broken easily, there may be parts of you you may be rejecting. The group coaching call on 07th is going to give you a whole lot of insights into rejection and help you move beyond it with ease.

Is it time to set yourself free? You can register here for the call:


Peace, calm and awareness

Our fortnightly awareness development circle is a safe place for you to relax deeply and expand your awareness through development exercises. This is what people say about ADC:

Beautiful facilitation short and sweet yet effective. No value in holding on to what happened 🙏🏻”

I must say I am getting access tools at different level Nila, receiving judgments 🥳hoo hoo

Please feel free to register and grow in peace:


25% Discount coupon

I am offering 25% discount for my private sessions to help you navigate through these unusual times with ease. This code is valid until the end of April. Please feel free to use it: private25%

Free Joyous body healing

Our group healing sessions have been received very well. Here is the link to register for free Joyous Body healing session in April:


Did you know that you can download ’50 questions to change anything magically’ ebook by referring us to 5 of your friends? Please click here to refer and download it.

What more magic can we create together?

In appreciation of you,