3 steps to prosperity

3 steps to prosperity

How have you been? I have been playing with the universe a bit and thought I’ll share some of those stories with you.

Miracle diary

I was playing the prosperity game recommended by Abraham Hicks for just two days and what I desired actualized. While playing I was choosing to pay off my mortgage quickly and in two daystime, I found some money to pay back my mortgage partially. This is not planned. Well, universe conspired for me to make this happen 🙂

yes yes yes… of course, I am going to share how to play the prosperity game below.

Tool from my tool box

Game Process is a powerful tool for shifting your mindset from lack to abundance. When vibrational point of attraction is abundance, all that you desire comes to you in abundance.

You can use an excel sheet or note book or fancy computer programs to play this game. Here are the steps for the prosperity game.

1. Establish an imaginary bank account

2. Make a deposit every day to your bank starting with 1000$ on the first day and increasing the amount by 1000$ each day. – ie on 2nd day you will have 2000$ and on 3rd day 3000$ deposit etc. This is the money given to you by the universe.

3. Write dummy cheques or transactions to spend the money you receive each day. You can spend all the money in one go or do several purchases. The point is to get into the vibration of enjoying the money you have and spend and so be as descriptive as possible about the spends.

That’s it. If you played this game every day for one year, you would have received and spent several millions and in the journey you would have aligned yourself to receive millions. How does it get any better than this?

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More soon and until then keep well 🙂

So much gratitude,