3 steps to activate prosperity

3 steps to activate prosperity

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Did you enjoy the awakening the kindness video? Did you share it with your friends and family? How grand would it be to activate kindness in every one of us!

Activating Prosperity

Most of the people I work with come to me with intense desire for something and in a few minutes into the session, they realize that it was not their desire at all. Being brutally honest with yourself is the first step in creating the life you like to live.

In the 3 step Prosperity Activation Program, we are going to start just with that. Here are the 3 steps we are going to take:

1.Activate your desire: We’ll go deep within your being and find what you actually desire not what is expected of you. Yes, the first step is asking the universe with clarity. You may very well be surprised what you find when you let go of the masks.

2. Identify and release blocks: When you have hold on to limiting beliefs and memories about prosperity subconsciously, you self sabotage yourself from embracing prosperity. In this step, we’ll dive deep and not only find these blocks but release them once for all using the awesome light key processes. You might even feel lighter physically.

3. Energize the seeds of desire to physicalize: In this step we’ll use various elements of the universe to energize the desire to quickly actualize in the physical reality.

By attending these 3 calls in 3 consecutive days, you could move into the space of receiving and joy from the space of lack and frustration.

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