A bright new future: Get ready for 2021 with Nila!

A bright new future: Get ready for 2021 with Nila!

How have you been?

Can a meditation make you cry? This one can! Crying is just one form of release. Some release deeply without any form of emotional outburst while others release by expressing their emotions.

Either way, you would let go of deeply entrenched memories of blame, shame or any limitations about your life – with the help of this beautiful meditation! Link to the meditation is at the end! Repeat as many times your heart desires.

Willing to take the next step and go a bit deeper – within you? We invite you to a free meditation with Vortex of light.

Vortex of light meditation – free!

Vortex of Light is the spirit of light in action along with the collective consciousness. Nila is offering this free meditation to everyone who has been attuned to the Vortex of Light.

Looking for peace and harmony within yourself and around you? We invite you to join this meditation led by Nila, guided by Goddess Isis and Arch Angel Metatron. This could be life-changing!

“It was beyond awesome….Something major shifted in my life today and I know somehow that it’s a major turnabout. Just falling short of words…thank you thank you thank you so so much Nila”

What doors would this one open for you? The details of how to get attuned to Vortex of light is also available in the link below:


Being your rock – Tapping into YOUR strength & trust!

Are you there for yourself?  A deep question – take a few seconds and answer that for you!

Have you been a giver all your life? Have you been proud of it? Are there times you wondered you had a rock-solid support for yourself? What if you can have that support – permanently – from yourself?

Willing to commit and honour yourself and allow the flood gates of abundance to open? We invite you to this group coaching call to explore further and be prepared to receive the VIP treatment you truly deserve!


You can also choose to purchase this call as part of a package deal –
‘A bright new future – Get ready for 2021 with Nila’

This package comes with a 63$ discount. What more? It has the following additional products to support you with creating a bright new future:

  1. Initiation into the sacred fellowship of lighthood
  2. Expanding your consciousness – an intense spiritual journey
  3. December Lightlogue Experience (weekly lightlogues)

Avail this offer and be ready to welcome 2021 with a big smile on your face and as an empowered being inside.


Festival of light – 11 days of magic

Light Key system has grown from a simple key practice course to one with amazing processes, protocols, attunements, blessings, and more – all within a span of one year – and it’s still expanding! Nila expresses her heartfelt gratitude to all the practitioners and facilitators who spread the light with so much enthusiasm!

What better gratitude gift than to bring these processes to you at a gifted price of  $33 for 11 days of Magic with Light keys! Yes, you get a whole healing/learning session for just 3$ (more than 90% off)

Starting Dec 13th through to Dec 23rd, every day Nila and/or the facilitators will lead a Light Key session for YOU.

Ready to be soaked in the magical Light key energies and frequencies? We invite you to experience bliss, peace and more!


Meditation with Light to Uplift our life on the Planet


List of Upcoming Classes:

Training for Facilitator of Basic Light Key Frequencies

Training for Facilitator of Level 1 Light Key Protocols

Advanced Light Key Protocol for healing Abuse and Trauma

Expanding your consciousness – Intense spiritual journey


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What more magic can we create together?

In appreciation of you,
Infinite Healing Team