Ebook download to change anything as if my magic

Ebook download to change anything as if my magic

How are you? Are you creating magic?

Last week has been quite eventful for me. We launched the basic Light key course which has been received very well (thank you); Launched a free mobile app to raise your vibration with money (details below); Conducted an advanced course on Light keys and psychic development – All in the middle of moving and taking care of my mom remotely. Phew! That was pretty adventurous and got excellent feedback for all of the above.

Tool box

Questions open doors and answers close doors. When you ask an open question like ‘what would it take to have this?’ you gain awareness of possibilities. This tool is such a great contribution from access consciousness. I ask questions all the time and find that things change magically. I like to give you 5 questions that can help you too create the magic:

1. What’s right about this I am not getting?

When you ask this question on something that bothers you, your focus shifts from judging that thing to something more expansive. You get yourself unstuck from the “problem” and see more options to change it.

2. What contribution can I receive from this?

Everything is a contribution even the so called problems because they at least give us the awareness of what is not working for us. By asking this question, you are opening yourself up to receive more awareness that perhaps can help you in other areas of your life as well.

3. How can I use it to my advantage?

Everything is energy. We label it as good/bad or problem/possibility. This question allows you to go beyond the labels and helps you tap into the energy available for you to use in any way you desire.

4. What would it take to transmute this problem into possibilities?

Mind has a tendency to obsessively wallow in the problems. This question takes you out of the rut and get you into inspired actions to create possibilities

5. What beyond this reality choices are available here?

This is a great question when your mind says there is no way out. We are conditioned to look for answers that are known to the mind which has limited information. This question takes you beyond the limitation of mind and create new path ways!

Asking a question does not need a lot of time or effort. Why don’t you simply start asking these questions to create more ease in life? I have also compiled 50 such amazing questions in an ebook. The download instruction is at the end of this newsletter.

Money come app:

If you would like to create more money, you should really ignore this FREE mobile app. 🙂

A one-of-a-kind mobile application, MoneyCome arrives with 10 pre-loaded, money-related, highly potent, and playful wallpapers that will help you align yourself with the vibration of money every time you look at your mobile device. The questions on the wallpapers are carefully chosen to create more joy and fun so that you can be an invitation to money. Money follows joy.

Please share so that we are motivated to create more apps!

Here is the link to download:


Tuning into healing frequencies – Transformational Processes for Body, life & beyond!

You can tune into certain frequencies of the universe to create great shift in your body, life and being. I have channeled 3 powerful self-help processes to make lasting changes and conducted trials with numerous volunteers. The responses have been very touching.

“It is simply magical. Changed physical pain by doing it once”

“The energy was electrifying. I had asked two of my groups to receive if they so wished.. one of them was moved to tears”

“I burnt my lips yesterday. I ran the process and it changed instantly”

“I had so much of pain yesterday and this morning. Unbearable pain it was. Kept on practicing and I feel very much better. And my pain is almost gone now. My sincere gratitude to you”

If you are looking to heal yourself or become a healer or even enhance your healing sessions, learning these processes will greatly help. You have the opportunity to learn these processes at 45% discount now


In this class, you will learn how to tune into three amazing frequencies and how to apply them to yourself and others.

These are very simple processes that are easy to learn with no previous experience on energy healing and there are no prerequisites.

Ebook download:

You can download ’50 Questions to change anything magically’ for free when you refer 5 of your friends to us. To claim the ebook, please click here

What more magic can we create together?

Infinite gratitude,