A gift audio loop to move into abundance

A gift audio loop to move into abundance

This is Nila. How have you been? Thank you for all the support you have been offering to light keys and me. I have a gratitude gift for you.

As you may be aware, Light Matrix is a powerful element of the Universe which can transmute blockages and negativities into light and lightness. This command has been a go to tool for many people to move into lightness with ease.

This recording consists of commands to release your resonance to lack. This was gifted to light key facilitators first and their response inspired me to release this to the entire world. Some of the responses are:
“Thank you Nila. Very powerful commands”
“Thanks so much for making my morning happy with this”
“thank you so much!!!  This is actually giving me shivers, thank you”

You can download this audio loop from our sound cloud account which is given at the end of this message.  I have also made a package called ‘Releasing into Abundance with Light Matrix‘ which consists of 3 powerful recordings of Light Matrix commands to release and move into abundance:
1) Release the resistance to Money
2) Release poverty consciousness
3) Release money worries

You can purchase this package from here at 50% discount:
Listen to any/all of these recordings consciously or just play it in the background to attract abundance. What magic can these be for you?

Are you missing out on our gifts?
As you know, I announce free classes and gifts for light key practitioners and non-practitioners every month. We have been conveying this information through email. Now, in order to serve you better, we have given you the freedom to choose whether you want to receive these gifts are not. If you have not explicitly told us yet, then you won’t be receiving our emails about these gifts.
Here is what you need to do:
Free gifts and discounts – Action Required
We have already sent you emails to accept our updated Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, and set up your email preferences to receive gifts, discounts and promotional messages from us.

If you have not done it or did not check the promotional emails, you have to act now. Otherwise, you will not be receiving the information about free gift calls and discounts you are eligible for. What you need to do?

1. Go to my accounts.  If you see the following pop up, click on ‘Promotions, Events, Free Gifts’ checkbox and then click on “Accept” button.

2. If you do not see the pop up, go to My Account and click on “Account Details”. You will see the following screen:


3. If you do not opt for this, you will no longer receive emails from us about our gifts and promotions.
For example, Nila is gifting ‘Integrating fragmented part of you’ workshop to  the practitioners of Vortices class. If you don’t opt for this, you will miss the opportunity to attend the class.

Free Light Key Healing
What if a bunch of amazing infinite beings were available to create ease for you? Well, they are! Join this free healing group on FB where you can request contribution to create ease for you. Light Key Practitioners can also join in to send healing. They will come together to do group healings as well. The Universe is abundant and when you move to a space of contribution and receiving, you open doors for you that were not available before. We invite you in this space.

YouTube Video this week:
Here is an inspiring interview of Tagit, who introduced light keys in Israel. She calls them Keys to your new universe:

Link to the free releasing loop:
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What more magic can we create together?

In appreciation of you,