A gift class from  Nila

A gift class from Nila

How have you been?

Are you someone who usually evaluates the worth of something before choosing it? Isn’t this common behaviour, we hear you ask. Ever wondered what would you create when you just follow your heart?

We invite you to try a small exercise, from the video, to find out if you are creating or computing your life. When you know where you stand, it’s easy to take the next step and choose differently – right? In this video, Nila leads you to see how an abundant life is possible when you follow your heart, your lightness rather than your mind. Link to the video at the end.

Facilitator Training for Crowd Puller and People Magnet  Courses – today
Have you always wanted to touch lives – guide people towards a better path? Are you someone who loves to see the light in the other person’s eyes when you lead them to embrace their authentic self?

A fabulous opportunity to find out what would it be like to become a facilitator of change! You can facilitate two powerful courses – at an incredible offer price.

‘How to be a Crowd Puller’ and ‘10 Practices to become a People Magnet’ classes help participants uncover the areas that are preventing them from pulling a crowd and opens up a space so that they can be the energy that brings people into their lives..

They will be empowered with tools and practices to let go of the areas of limitation so that they shine their light so bright for people to really “see” them. Pre-requisites are easy to meet – you can still purchase them and attend the facilitator’s training:

Light Key Frequencies for attracting money – a free call

Are you enjoying commanding the universe with the transformational frequencies as a Basic Light Key frequency practitioner?

How about using it to attract money?

Nila has received further awareness since the free call had been announced and this call has now expanded into a new protocol!
The potential benefits of the protocol include:
Harmonizing the relationship with money
Release stagnancy in your finances
Create desirable money flow

You may choose to purchase the course manual and recording at a nominal price until 24th March 2021(details in the below link). The purchase is optional and you can still attend the call for free!

Choose to create greater shifts in your life and being!

Joyous Body Protocol Level 1 – Certified Course
Practitioners have received miraculous changes in their body and being from the most celebrated protocol – Joyous Body Protocol. If you are one of them, are you ready to take the next step?

“Thank you so much Nila, this is a new level of Magic“
“floating in space…need the milky way frequency do go back down.wow the energy is amazing, thank you so very much for everything“

Willing to experience this new level of magic? 

We invite you to join this class to learn, from Nila herself, how to boost immunity using JBP, offer first aid using JBP, and exponentialize JBP with Vortex of light, Light logues, to bring in contributions from divine and earth, and more.

Are you computing or creating your life?

Upcoming Classes:

Light Key Protocol for Conflict Resolution – Certified
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What more magic can we create together?

In appreciation of you,
IH team