A Gift of Peace and Presence

A Gift of Peace and Presence

Be honest and answer this question: How much are you present in your life in 0-10 scale?

Everything in this universe is energy including our bodies. Atoms behave differently when humans pay attention. So, we can shift our own body and life just being present. It’s that simple.

There is nothing that cannot be changed with immense presence and intention. Are you being present and sculpt your life via intention? Or are you giving into your monkey mind?

Join Profound Healing with Peace and Presence with Nila. Experience your presence and resulting peace and possibilities. You can join LIVE for FREE.

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“Just want to share, that it’s very relaxing. 😇 loving this energy, Thank you everyone 😇🙏🏻 for the group energy and contributions, and thank you Nila for this profound experience 🙏🏻”

“Realized from early on – I wanted to die to escape… the kindness key felt like a soothing balm…, Chest and heart much lighter – like life came in, Much much better!!”

“It’s interesting, some of the “hard life experience” came from both of my grandfather/s, who died before I was born…,More space in the body parts,Definitely Gonna run the process again. Amazing process… the energy is still shifting”

What is your super power?

You may say, ‘none’. We bet we can show you one!

Everyone has a super power they are not aware of and can embrace it to live their potential to the fullest.

You are the master of your own universe but are you aware of it?

Are you creating your own reality?

Join Tamanna for Embracing Your Super Power

“Thankyou @Nila this was such a potent class I am so lucky & greatful to have received it 🙏🏻
As if every word was meant for me & undoubtedly meant for each one of us …if you have not attended the class you can still buy it as a product ,it will be worth investing for what you gain is much deeper & higher … Can’t wait to re-hear the class 🙏🏻❤️ “

“I am feeling very liberated and empowered, thank you very much Nila. lots of gratitude“

“Awesome class to clear unnecessary baggage and clean ,thank you for the awesome class. tons of gratitude to you“

Manifest Like a Pro

Everything in your life is a direct reflection of your thoughts & beliefs. While thoughts may be explicit, beliefs may be hidden.

If you are struggling to manifest your desires, there may be hidden agendas in play!  Just forcing yourself to think positively may  hamper your manifestation journey further.

We all have deep-seated desires that are waiting for us to take charge of them and bring them into our lives in a way that feels right for us. The key is being conscious of them and the underlying conflicts.  When you are aware, you can change!

The easy way to make it happen is the Light Key Protocol for Conscious Manifestation. Go here to purchase it:

“Many times we get into a negative thought pattern and I was going through the same for something I desired. My mind said, “it’s not possible” “There are other people involved, it’s not in my hands” “I cannot do anything about it” I did Conscious manifestation protocol for the same. Very next day, there was a positive spark. My confidence and faith that it can happen increased. Third day, some more development towards it happened. And today I received what I asked for. And let me tell you while I was doing the protocol, I visualised two things related to my Ask……and that happened exactly the way I visualised them. Such a potent process!!!”

“Attracting money and conscious Manifestation were mindblowing and the participants had such a blast 💕💕Conflict Resolution went deep and Instant relief was such fun.”

“This was incredibly powerful. I could feel my conciousness expanding and the energy rising to my crown chakra. Thank you so much for such a beautiful meditative experience”

Tamanna Goplani is leading a free practice session for all practitioners of this protocol. If you have purchased this course, you will get an email with Zoom details.

Receive a Holiday Blessing and find your gift with Nila

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