A Healing Space For You

A Healing Space For You

How have you been?

What if a bunch of amazing infinite beings were available to create ease for you? Well, they are! Join this Free Light Key Healing group on FB where you can request contribution to create ease for you. Light Key Practitioners can also join in to send healing. They will come together to do group healings as well. The Universe is abundant and when you move to a space of contribution and receiving, you open doors for you that were not available before. We invite you in this space.

Shift Your Space from Difficulty to Ease

Ease With School – Certified (Dealing with Difficult People and Circumstances) is the second call in the four part call series. This class will lay out simple Light Key tools and processes for dealing with difficult people and circumstances. This can be used by anybody to create harmony, awareness and ease for coping with systems like school. It will enable children and parents deal with conflict, bullying, difficult circumstances and to love themselves unconditionally.

Child (below 15) can attend free when a parent signs up for the class
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An Invitation To Embrace Your Wholeness
Do you feel unsafe, anxious, helpless or doubtful? You might have fragmented parts that do not connect. Some parts might be identified as children or punitive adults.
In Integrating the Fragmented Parts of You, Nila invites you to your wholeness. She will facilitate you to find that safe place inside of you that was pushed away when you were a child.
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“I have to share something…after listening to the release loop from Adv light matrix command for emotional and physical pain..have released a lot emotionally through crying since past 3 days.. but to my surprise I reduced 1.5 kgs also.. Thank you so much Nila.this is magic.”

Recently, Nila did a call ‘Releasing Physical and Emotional Pain With The Advanced Light Matrix Command’. In the call Nila facilitated the group to release all structures and foundations that keep the pain and the repeated patterns associated with it in place. If you have asked for space, allowance and freedom for you and your body, then could this call contribute?

The call also has included a Clearing loop audio which you can play consciously or in the background.
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Light Matrix Command For Releasing Lack
Light Matrix is a powerful element of the Universe which can transmute any blockages, negativities into light and lightness. This command gifted by Nila are a go to tool for many people to move into lightness with ease. Light Matrix can be used to shift any areas of our life including money!

Listen to these recordings consciously or just play it in the background to attract abundance. Nila has graciously gifted ‘Light Matrix commands to releasing lack’ to everyone which can be downloaded from our Soundcloud account.

These are some of the commands we received from the listeners of the audio:

“Thank you Nila. Very powerful commands”

Here is the link to the track in SoundCloud:
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Free Insight  Call for Light Key Frequency Practitioners
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