A Kind Affair – Abundant Offers and Discounts!

A Kind Affair – Abundant Offers and Discounts!

Can resolving conflicts create money for you?

When you drop conflicts, could you invite more joy, ease, prosperity?

Watch this video where Nila talks about how she resolved her conflict with money to create inflow for her. Link is at the end.

Are You Channeling Global Conflicts at Home?
This popped our Universe!

They say, ’As Within, So Without; As Above, So Below.’

Every external conflict is a reflection of internal conflict. If you were at ease and peace with yourself, would you be at ease with the world? What contribution can harmonious relationships be?

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Here is what a practitioner of Conflict Resolution had to say:

I want to share feedback on Conflict Resolution class Nila recently had that covered advanced ancestral healing work. I did a repeater class only to find a way to solve the ancestral curse issue on my family due to which there were many many problems.. tried everything and just did not work..
I did the class and I repeated the process every night before sleeping.. To my very surprise, all the heavy charge I had for years and years for ancestors just melted down.. day on day the intensity came down and today I see them as a blessing, seek blessings and somewhere I have got a closure an awareness that they have forgiven us for all the hurt in this and any other lifetime, blessing us from here on..🙏🏼

I strongly recommend to do this class if you have ancestral issues 🙏🏼

Practitioner Speak
Light Keys have transformed the lives of all who were willing to receive from them. We get so many beautiful acknowledgements from practitioners, that it is only fair that we share the possibilities with you. Here is Anupama’s heartwarming journey with the keys. Anupama Singh is a healer who is an avid Light Key practitioner.

“Indeed, it took a bit longer then I thought, the moment I wanted to pen this down a lot, came to the surface. I struggled between being overwhelmed and fairly exhausted at the same time.

Things goes back in the middle of 2018, it was my daughter’s 3rd birthday, and we were all into preps for the party, the guests have already started to jam in, and all our family members were settling into their own know corners of the house.. girls and boys were chirping and every now and then you can here a burst of laughter goes up and settles down, before another buzz takes over. I was busy, in preparing last minute checks. The Party was a gala affair, leaving few, murmuring here and there.. ignoring that we both as parents were super happy. We were already, taking our journey back to our home from our hometown.. we both could sense a lot of ambiguity and something is not right feelings. But as always we focused on the good and leave the rest. Things got real bad, very soon then we expected. It’s my brother in law’s wedding, and by Feb 2019, everything changed with a blink of an eye. All our family boycotted us. And with all, our heart we try to fix things, but it all got much worse.

We were both so emotional drained and exhausted. And started to blame ourselves of being not able to take care.. and that too couldn’t take to pain away. One day, as I was meditating, I have had an awareness, of being ignorant about the signs, which we were get about all this, I shared the same with my husband and we were already on the verge of breaking down, I did atleast. My husband remained calm and composed.

By that time Waves of Kindness have become our staple in our spiritual diet. And we both, vigorously started to invoke this free tool in our lives.. on and off we would be comforted by it. In September 2020, I did my first Light keys class, and from there my journey started towards self mastery began, all the free tool those Nila ma’am fondly shares, we both started to use. Slowly we came out of these emotional ranching camps, to more aware condors of light and lightness. It was more devastating for my husband, as all his brothers and sisters, not just belittled, betrayed, and defamed us in the family, but also in the social circle as well.. all our co-lawyers stopped giving us work, and the icing on the cake of our devastation was the pandemic.

Honestly, it’s being 11 months since we are using light keys as our tools to rebuild ourselves. But now we are more stronger.

Here, I would like to mention, that Kindness is the key, as what all I just shared, was one facet of, the situation. The other was that we both, remained calm, started to value ourselves, and love ourselves more and more. The respect and honour that was lost has slowly started to come back. And now, people know us because of us, not because of the family we came from. And that was liberating.

The judgements, holds no space once you know how to mellow them with Kindness, even for those who are not willing to be in light and lightness.

We cherish what we have now, and how we can make it bigger with Kindness.
Theirs  no grudge or grump, for anyone, just pure Kindness.

Kindness from me to you. Grace and gratitude.

– Anupama Singh”

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