A life—changing tip to improve relationships

A life—changing tip to improve relationships

Many clients have asked me how to change their family members’ behaviour to improve their relationships. I always ask them, “Can a cat bark?“.

In my opinion, people are who they are! We can’t expect them to change their nature so that we can be happy. It’s like asking a cat to bark and getting very disappointed.

The best thing to do when you don’t get along with people is to see them for who they are. Ask yourself whether you are asking them to change their nature or behaviour and then assess your options. Would you like to enjoy the cat for its nature? Would you like to get rid of the cat because it does not offer you what you are looking for? Or you just laugh at you for your choice and make a compromise. What infinite possibilities are available for you? Try this. This gives you enormous freedom. This has changed many of my clients’ life

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