A Life of Joy, Lightness and Wholesomeness

A Life of Joy, Lightness and Wholesomeness

Do you feel that getting what you want is a lot of hard work and requires many things to fall in place. Watch Nila take the work out of the equation and brings joy to the art of manifesting and makes it super easy and super fun! Watch this delightful video and use the tools to create whatever you wish! Link at the end.

What is your definition of perfection?

Over our lifetimes, subconsciously, we have been programmed to constantly ‘improve’ ourselves, our performances and do ‘better’. This might translate to earn more, score more, have a certain number of clients, a certain amount in the bank account, etc. We are assigned ‘ranks’, ‘positions’, and are asked to adhere to a certain hierarchy based on age , birth, etc. We are expected to follow instructions, as opposed to following our own knowing.

This set up can lead us to feel that we are not good enough, that we need to achieve a standard set by someone to validate us. It leads us to chase goals and milestones set by societal structures and institutions.

What if you could pause from this autopilot?

How would it be if you could trust your own knowing and tap into your awareness over being fed some ‘standard’ information?

How grand would it be if you shifted to this space of functioning? From a space of awesomeness and wholeness? Join Nila for the Light Key Protocol for Getting Over Not Being Good Enough. Register here:

A share from the previous class:

“Ma’am that was a wonderful call which revealed a lot about oneself .. how we hold ..identities that are not ours and how bad we treat ourselves when we are much more capable .Thank you for leading us in this journey.”

Would your business explode if your clients walked out feeling whole and awesome?! Get Certified if you got a yes.

Choose beyond Fear, Move Beyond Anxiety, Function Beyond Overwhelm

What are you scared of? No, we are not asking about insects, or closed spaces or heights, though they are indicative of hidden potencies too! We are asking about showing up! We are asking about being noticed, about owning your greatness! You might have put yourself in a box because you were beyond ‘normal’. If your fear was a potency, what would you choose?

Anxiety can often be debilitating. It causes you to feel confused and unable to take decisions. It can get stuck in the body as spasm of muscles, stiff bodies and tight jaws. Anxiety can also cause issues with your digestion and sleep. It can prevent you from forging fulfilling relationships. Would you like to move beyond it?

Fear and Anxiety can cause overwhelm, making it difficult for you to take on more of life and keep you stuck in your comfort zone. Would you like to go beyond this and create peace and fulfilment?

A share from a previous Advanced Light Matrix Command call:

An awesome clearing today. Couldn’t stop the tears from streaming down!. Much gratitude for this clearing loop Nila. I re-assessed my self esteem and I got a 10. Am going to keep running this loop so as to keep up my vibration and just BE. Loads of gratitude.”

Join Nila in Releasing Fear, Anxiety and Overwhelm wth Advanced Light Matrix Command as she dismantle the structures, foundations and conditioning that keep them in place. Register here:

What is Weighing You Down?

Do you carry heaviness? Has this heaviness shown up physically as weight?

Or maybe you decided you need to be protected from the world and put on these layers!

Did you take on too much ‘load’ or ‘too much into your stride’ and now the load is a little difficult to bear?

Would you like to release the programs and imprints of emotions, judgements and all the heaviness you have been carrying? Then ‘Releasing the Body Weight with Light Matrix’ is here for you to move beyond!

This product contains 3 audio loops of Light matrix commands for

  1. Releasing the body image.
  2. Releasing the judgements & emotions.
  3. Releasing into lightness.


It is on discount for a limited time. You can still join in for the Body Wellness – 11 Day Challenge. A share:

“Just finished the recording of Releasing Judgements and emotions from the body.. What a great process!! New space started opening up, in body and mind and I just realised how much emotions I am carrying in and with my body. How much heaviness.. after the light matrix process, it is so much lighter.. I wonder what tose 11 days will bring”

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