A Lightlogue for you

A Lightlogue for you

How are you?

Did you enjoy the Light key blessing for winning the lottery. What magic can it be for you?

Here is another joyous body healing video. Relax and receive:

Lightlogues for you

Lightlogues are divine art forms infused with light keys, light key frequencies and colour frequencies. I channel these for specific individuals and life contexts. They are an invitation from the universe for us to open and receive. They establish a personal connection – like a 360 degree portal – with the universe. You can receive messages and information from the universe any time you like through these art forms.

I am guided to share this lightlogue as many of you seem to be asking for something more. You can receive from a lightlogue in many ways. Some of them are:

1) Print it out, touch and receive

2) Touch the electronic display on your gadget and receive

3) Gaze and meditate

You do not have to sit quietly for the above 1 & 2 options. You can even do this while watching TV. However, being present with it enhances the effect.

Please let me know how it goes.

Prosperity Activation Program

If you are stuck with your finances or like to expand more, I invite you to our 3 step Prosperity Activation Program:

1. Activate your desire: We’ll go deep within your being and find what you actually desire not what is expected of you. Yes, the first step is asking the universe with clarity. You may very well be surprised what you find when you let go of the masks.

2. Identify and release blocks: When you have hold on to limiting beliefs and memories about prosperity subconsciously, you self sabotage yourself from embracing prosperity.In this step, we’ll dive deep and not only find these blocks but release them once for all using the awesome light key processes. You might even feel lighter physically.

3. Energize the seeds of desire to physicalize: In this step we’ll use various elements of the universe to energize the desire to quickly actualize in the physical reality.

Please feel free to join, if this series calls you:


The second call of Gorgeous you is coming up next week. We’ll be removing the programs and attachments that prevent you from having the body you desire. You will feel much different when we remove the auto-control programs. You can attend this call alone or purchase the whole series:


Free support

Group coaching call:


Did you know that you can download ’50 questions to change anything magically’ ebook by referring us to 5 of your friends? Please click here to refer and download it.

What more magic can we create together?

In appreciation of you,