A Magical Healing Story

A Magical Healing Story

How you be today?

As promised, I am getting busy and loving it! You have seen my miracle stories, right? I used to create lovely little magic on daily basis. As I shared in the last email, I had stopped being/creating that magic suddenly and went on my own roller coaster ride. I missed my magic and restarted asking ‘what magic can I be? What magic can I create?’ and my miracle showed up as my dental appointment! I need to give you some background before going into the story. I don’t like going to doctors or dentists and the appointments are stressful for me. (What do I know that medical community does not know possible yet?!!!) Got that?

Two years back, my dentist told me that I needed an urgent root canal treatment. It really felt so heavy for me and I kept asking the magic question ‘What else is possible?’ One night, I woke up at about 1 AM and felt very restless and no matter what I did I could not sleep for 1 hour. I was feeling intense energy around me and sensed two people in spirit around me wanting to work on my body. I asked my body whether it wants to allow them and the answer a big ‘yes’. I sensed that the healer was King Solomon and he had a lady assistant. The lady sat by me and started to prepare me for healing and I passed out. I woke up the next day and remembered what happened but still skeptical. I chose to continue with my magic question ‘What else is possible?’

Next day I happened to pick up a friend from an acupuncture place and had to wait for a while. While waiting, I casually started conversation with the acupuncturist about my dentist’s recommendation and my hesitation. He gave me an acupuncture treatment. Well, I was still skeptical. After these two treatments, I did not have any issues for an year with my teeth. How does it get any better than this? Then some discomfort started showing up in a different place and I began to ask the question again ‘What else is possible here that I am not even considering?’ A herbal remedy called ‘Padma Basic’ showed up in my awareness from nowhere! The success rate was 82% – (i.e.) people did not need root canal after started taking this remedy. Well, I started that too. In addition, I also hired someone to run access body processes on me (MTVSS, DMMD & structural integrity and function). I did not leave spiritual healing and homeopathy as well 🙂

In the last two months when I was in “that” space, I was experiencing so much intensity in my dental system and I decided to see the dentist finally after two years – even though the intensity was gone. Since I booked the appointment, 3 of my friends gave me distant healing – 3 different modalities (I told you – I attract so much kindness!). I was also running Dr.Tom’s interview with clearings for Dental issues. (yourhappymouth.com). I lowered my barriers and asked the body to receive all the nutrients it required from anywhere in the universe. I talked to the molecules of the teeth and changed their polarity. As an infinite being I permeated through the space between the molecules and sprinkled kindness! After all that I went to the dentist today with the question ‘What magic can I create here?’ and he checked the X-Ray and said, ‘ok… good’. Honestly, I could not believe it. I asked, ‘No cavity? No filling?’ He firmly said ‘No’. Wow! What a magic! I healed cavities energetically!

You might be wondering out of all that I tried what really created this change. What do you know? Let me know your response and I will pick the response that resonates with me and gift a 30 min private session. How does it get any better than that? Who would that lucky person be? As I had said in my last email, I am paying forward the kindness I received/receiving. I facilitated 3 people for free after work today. I am grateful for the people who were willing to play with me. It is so rewarding to see the change we are able to create together. One person shifted totally after just one question. She practically did not need a session afterwards but we kept chatting about other things. What magic can I be for you?

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