A magical hug from mother earth

A magical hug from mother earth

Hope you have been taking care of yourself well.

My recent mystical journey

Rocks and mountains speak to me. You may have read about my earlier experience with Mount Tongariro of NZ but the recent experience was much more than that.

I and hubby decided to take a road trip from Vegas last weekend. When he asked me what kind of road trip I wanted, of course, I answered a scenic mountain drive. His skillful plan took me on an amazing journey through the mountains of National parks in Nevada. While I was in awe of the panoramic views of the mountain ranges that varied in sizes and colours, the valley of the fire threw me into a magical space altogether.

The bright red sandstone mountains had many stories to tell me. The mere sight of them brought tears in my eyes and while we were driving through the range, I had a profound experience of being hugged by these beautiful expressions of the earth. It was such a magical and mystical experience that cannot be simply put in words. It was like you are received as you are without any judgement; as if you found your home where you can be all of you without any hesitation. I was sobbing uncontrollably for 10-15 minutes.

I heard mother earth talking to me, “You know why you are here now. You were so in love with me and could not wait to be here“. That answered a question that I used to be obsessed with until a few years ago. I had very often wondered why I chose to come to the planet because there was a feeling of ‘not belonging’ until I stopped figuring it out and stopped trying to understand. Well, I know now that I came here for my love of this planet and no wonder I just cannot see this magnificent being as a victim but only see the golden possibilities for her.

It was very cold to my liking but that did not stop me from getting out and physically receiving the embrace. I ran the kindness and mastery process with earth and just received so much more.

Even while writing this, I feel deeply touched and tears flow down my cheeks. I hope you can sense the energy of it.

In my meditation today, I heard from the Source of Light to take people on journeys. We already did a journey to the Crystalline healing chamber last week and perhaps, this week in Awareness Development Circle, we’ll journey with mother earth to get to the space of being received totally. If you like to know more about Awareness Development Circle, please go to the link below:


I wonder what more adventurous journey awaits!

Art of Facilitation

Nila you are truly the magic I have been waiting to happen. Everyone tells me I look different. Having let go a lot it’s so light literally flying!

These are the kinds of feedback I get from my clients regularly. The value you offer to the client has a lot to do with how you are valuing yourself. I will be sharing some simple insights you can use to shift the energy of your practice from seeking clients to sought after therapist. Please register to join me in the Art of Facilitation class on 15th:


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Until, I write to you next time, keep your happy hat on!

In appreciation of you,