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A magical story & Live call

A magical story & Live call

If you are a healer, therapist, coach, shaman, or generally interested in energy medicine, you might have heard the term ‘Lightworker’ being used often. Ever wondered what is all this ‘Light’ being referred to?

Consider the states of water. Ice, water, steam are all same chemically. For the same amount of water, the distance between molecules in steam is more, it is lighter and a more expanded form. Steam spreads far and wide, it has no shape or form. Water on the other hand is fluid, more expanded than ice but can’t spread as much as steam. Ice is the densest form. It stays in a place all the time. Get the idea?!

More lightness = more expansion, growth and possibilities!

How about receiving 11 healing sessions from 11 expert healers? How much can you spread your wings and soar, having them as the wind beneath your wings?!

There is a massive discount that ends in 3 days! Check out all the sessions here:

Festival of Light is here again. So much has changed in Light Keys since the last Festival of Light. So many lightworkers have chosen to become Expert Healers and bless people to heal, create joy and more possibilities for their clients, loved ones, and more importantly, themselves.

The Expert Healers and Nila will give blessings, attunements, healing sessions etc.

What if you can’t make it Live?

Don’t worry, you can listen to the recording and get the same experience, because in the Light Key Universe, time is quantum not linear.

And, you can also go back to the sessions for a wonderful healing experience. The Festival and recordings are with you for a lifetime. They are valued at 363$ but they are available at a massive discount (less than 50$) till 13th Jan. Sign up NOW

If you would like to keep expanding the boundaries and spread to the whole Universe, you can begin here with Limitless Life. Push the boundaries of your gratitude, receiving, business, love, joy, desires! It has a Live call with Nila as well – 369 Breathing for Unlocking Possibilities!

Nila loves children. Her last book, Rocky Learns Magic garnered heart warming reviews from kids who used the tools to create magic in their lives. Mia makes Magic is her latest offering for creating a life of joy and gratitude for kids. Gift your child this wonderful story reading by Facilitator Jackie MacLean. Watch here:

Light Key Practitioners – Rejoice!

Calling all magicians with your magic wand! If you are a Light Key Practitioner and have created an account on the Infinite Healing website, look out for the Practitioner Resources.

You will find a Zoom Link for a LIVE ‘Free Flow Session with Nila -Practitioner Support Series’ with Nila on the 11th January. Go to your IH account for details. You can attend the LIVE session for FREE!

Zoom link is also sent by email. Check your inbox!

Practitioner Support Calls are fun sessions complete with facilitations, healings, blessings, meditations, clearings – whatever the group energy demands. These Free Flowing sessions are a huge contribution to you for you to expand your life and become limitless!

If you are yet to register on our website, then do that TODAY at the link below!

Which offer will be a huge contribution to you? Check our offer page here:

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And YouTube channel “Nila Mystic TV”

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What more magic can we create together?

In appreciation of you,
IH Team