A personal invitation

A personal invitation

How is life working for you, dear friends?

I used to feel like a puppet totally powerless in the hands of life. Do you feel that sometimes? I used to “survive” rather than “live” my life. How do you feel? Does life feel light or heavy for you?

At one point of my life everything seemed to go wrong and my friends and family used to wonder why I had been so unlucky in spite of “doing” all the right things! Today, the same people have been saying that I am so lucky to have a life like mine! What a turnaround! I made that happen… would you believe it? Yes, I create my life now with the my bestest buddy called universe with ease, joy and glory! I am sure, you are getting curious now 🙂

For the past 15 years, I have been learning and practicing numerous energy healing modalities and meditations and in the last few years I have also been able to help my clients to heal themselves. It was all going well until recently… (hmm… more curious now?) but now it is going much greater since I found Access Consciousness. My healing sessions take 1/3 of the duration it used to take and my clients are much more empowered!

For example, a lady started her session not wanting to live and in 20 minutes she had so much enthusiasm for life! Who created this huge shift? She did. I was just being the space for her… An empowering space, perhaps.

Are you interested to know how I became that empowering space for myself and others? Come and join me for a rare Gift and Receive event of Access Consciousness Bars in Chennai on 16th December. I am bringing many Bars practitioners together to give taster and full bars sessions at a lower price than a normal private session. You pay Rs.699/- for a one hour session and Rs.399/- for half an hour session. (I charge Rs.3000/- for a private session. You can see the difference!) We only have limited places.

So hurry, if you like to change your life now 🙂 Else, you can quit now and call Rishi at 9952122200 or Sudha at 9962631387 or Karpagam at 9884152197 to book your session :-). You have to book ASAP because places are very limited.

Right, If you want to understand Bars a bit further, read on or you can go to the last part where you will find a proposition that might change your life and/or career (just like mine). Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness found that there are 32 points on the head, called the BARS that hold all the electromagnetic energy from all our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, conclusions, and judgments. Each Bar corresponds with that aspect or area of the life and named appropriately.

There are Bars for healing, body, control, awareness, creativity, ageing, sex, money, etc – 32 such different ones. For example, every thought you have ever had about money as good, bad, important, unimportant or anything significant, the energy of that thought is stored in the Bar called ‘money.’ As you may be aware, what shows up in our lives is very much in sync with all these fixed points of view we have about different aspects of the life. Just by gently touching these Bars, we can clear away the energy locked up in that area or aspect of our life and begin to receive all of life with ease, joy and glory. This is called running your bars.

While/After running the bars, at worst you feel like you have had a meditation and at best your whole life can change into something greater with total ease! This is an incredibly nurturing and relaxing process, undoing limitation in all aspects of our life without much effort. The benefits of getting your bars run are numerous. It eliminates stress from the body, aiding relaxation, ease in body and mind. It quietens mental chatter creating peace and calm; Eliminates or reduces pain & suffering; Brings more ease with every aspect of life. How does it get even better than this?

I am going to be conducting classes to teach people how to run bars in December and January in Chennai and other cities in Tamilnadu. You can become a bars practitioner after taking the class and can run bars on you and others. If you choose, you can even establish a healing practice like me as you would become a certified Bars practitioner after the class. You pay Rs.6000/- for one day class that includes manual (in English) and certificate.

Being an author of about 10 books in Tamil, I will proudly present the class in English and Tamil. If you are ready to change your life beyond your wildest imagination, please contact my very friendly friends Rishi at 9952122200 or Sudha at 9962631387 or Karpagam at 9884152197.

What does it take for you to choose infinite possibilities and empowerment? I would so love to see you in one of the events. Even otherwise, I am much grateful to you for being in my life and reading this long email 🙂

Please feel free to forward this email to friends/family, if you like them to choose ease for them.

Here is the link to the events page: http://www.infinitehealing.co.uk/events/

Wishing you Ease, Joy & Glory,