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A simple exercise to improve your finances

A simple exercise to improve your finances

Did you like the 5 tips to improve your finances? Are you following any of it?

If it all seems too much for you, would you be willing to try one simple exercise that could improve your finance like a magic?

1. When you think about your finance, what do you feel? If your finance were a person, what would you say to them? Could you write it all down?

2. Now, if you were that person, would you improve if you keep hearing that?

3. If yes, what else would they like to hear to improve?

4. If no, what exactly would they like to hear?

5. Would you be willing to tell them that? Would you tell them that now?

Treat your finance as a person with kindness – like how you would like to be treated. Do this exercise daily for 7-11 days and see how your finance improves.

You may also like to do this taster light key exercise with your finance:

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