A simple way to heal

A simple way to heal

How are you? How has 2019 been for you and how would you like to create 2020?

Most part of 2019 was difficult for me in many ways but I managed to keep up the vibration and Nov has been a month that turned around the energy. Loads of insigts and revelations came through. That’s why you hear a lot from me these days.

In the middle of the year I came across Joe Vitale’s course on Ho’oponopono and chose to get certified. That was one of the best decision of 2019 for me. Ho’oponopono or Hawaiin prayer as it called was taught by Dr.Hue Len and you might have heard about him. He is the one who healed a ward full of mental health patients without even seeing them.

According to Dr.Len, he simply clears his contribution to the illness of his patients through this prayer. That’s all he does to heal the patients. The once overloaded ward was closed soon after he started working there.

What is the prayer?

I’m sorry
Please forgive me
I love you
Thank you

You do not have to say this to any one or anything in particular. ‘Just get on and clean’ Dr.Len says often in the class. Trying to understand the mechanics only adds more unconsciousness, as per Dr. Len.

I have been practicing this and the result is great. The best benefit from the practice is that the inner critic is silenced. That itself is a big win besides all the other external benefits. I invite you to give it a try. What have you got to lose?

As a result of this, I started channeling a lot of information that helps people heal themselves. I have been sharing this information via trial groups and online classes recently and the feedback I receive touches my heart very deeply. Here is one of them:

“I must say it’s like a life revival to have my hand(right) moving and that too with lesser pain” – AJ

I am going to be doing a live class in Mumbai with loads of the info I channeled. We are also streaming it live for people around the world. I am actually jamming contents worth of 3 days into one day – There are 5 modules and 3 bonuses! The best part of this class is that you learn how to use light frequencies for you and clients and also get a certificate for this. I can’t wait to facilitate this class. Please feel free to look at the contents of this class:


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What magic can we create together for us and the planet?

In appreciation of you,