Abundance through kindness

Abundance through kindness

How have you been? I have been busy with my job and getting rid of my baggages. It’s interesting to observe how much we function from the stories that we store in the bodies unconsciously.

By the way, did you listen to the inner child meditation I sent you last time? How did you find it?

I have been facilitating inner children a lot recently and wanted to present a session with you that brought a breakthrough for someone. This client created toxic relationships all the time and felt that she did not have any choice with men. She develops obsession with men she can’t get and she gets so stuck in a no-choice universe. This pattern was repeating in her life frequently and when we worked on her she was so hear broken that she was rejected by a colleague. She could neither accept that nor let it go.

Here is how the session went:

C: There is immense sadness – very intense and debilitating
N: ok. What is the intensity of the sadness?
C: 12/10
N: How old is this person who is experiencing this sadness and what happened?
C: 5 or 6. My first ever friend stopped talking to me for no reason. I loved him and he rejected me. (sobs)

N: What does this little girl like to hear?
C: ‘You are ok. I love you’
N: Can you say that to this little child?
C: yes
N: Can this child receive some more kindness from you and the universe?
C: yes
N: How does she feel now?
C: Better. Still there is sadness 6/10.
N: Good 50% is gone at least. What does she say now?
C: She can’t have him. He won’t have her. Something is wrong with her
N: Is there any anger there?
C: Yes, angry at the friend that he won’t have me.
N: If this friend had accepted you, how would have your life been?
C: Hmm… he is an addict now. It does not feel expansive
N: Did this friend do you a favour then?
C: wow! That feels very light… yes
N: Can you be grateful for this experience?
C: yes
N: How does the little girl feel now?
C: Smiling. She wants to play
N: Wonderful. How do you feel now?
C: Feel like all my cells had a cleansing bath.
N: How is the sadness and the attachment
C: There is no sadness and feel free. I might move to a new place.

In the following week she chose to apply for a new job and continue to make choices independently without having to include the man she was attached to. How does it get any better than this?

Are you willing to have similar conversation with yourself? Have you noticed how you speak to yourself in your head? Are you being kind to you or mean to you? How much abundance would you have if you choose more kindness for you? Being kinder to me has been extremely effective in clearing my baggages and creating an affluent life.

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