Activating the spark of kindness exercise

Activating the spark of kindness exercise

How have you been?

What a call we had on Gorgeous you! It was amazing. Here are some of the messages we received during and after the call:

beautiful experience”
“super awesome”
“bless you Nila for what you just did with blood…… awesome”
“body is heating up.. super awesome crazy”
“major clean up”
“my eye are very wet. big yawns. my bones say thank u”
“feel as if an electric massage is going on my tummy”
“feeling blood gushing all over

Feeling in heaven already after today’s call✨✨✨ feeling light, spreading light, being light 🤔😎”

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Activating the spark of kindness

Kindness is all about allowance – it is not about giving someone something. It is about seeing them as the powerful being they are! Allowing them to make choices and be a contribution to them whatever they choose.

Truth: Are you kind to yourself?
If you are, will there be any suffering or struggle?

Many times I see that people tend to punish themselves for silly reasons like having been mean to their siblings when they are 5! Or bearing grudge on them for the same reasons. Is it kindness?

In my experience, I have seen repeatedly that kindness heals deeply. That’s why I make so many light key elements on kindness that are available freely for everyone. I have recorded a new exercise to awaken the spark of kindness in the world. The link is given at the end of this newsletter. Please practice and pass it on.

Btw, if you have decided to be kind and choose ease for yourself, there is a class on Monday, June 1st, where I will be sharing a cute and hilarious Quick Fix Protocol that will help you feel better quickly – emotionally and physically.

If you like life to be complicated, please do not join this class… it will be too simple for you and disappoint you very much:

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