❤️ What would you teach, if you become the facilitator for this course?

In this course, you can teach the following listed below:

  1. Advanced Light Key Protocol For Healing Abuse and Trauma
  2. Advanced Light Key Protocol for Forgiveness (Golden Wings of Kindness)

❤️ Pre-requisites to be eligible to attend the Facilitator training class:

You should have completed the following courses. You can buy them through the shop link given below or take the courses with a certified Light Key facilitator, except the facilitator courses. If you’d like to attend the next facilitator course, please write to team@infinitehealing.co.uk or fill up the interest form using the link provided in the next section.

❤️ How do I attend the the Facilitator training class and get certified?

If you are interested in spreading this light to people around you, you can Register your interest by filling out this form so that you can be informed of the next training session.

Those who complete the training and a simple exam successfully will be certified as the ‘Facilitator of Advanced Deep Healing Protocols

❤️ Validity & Obligations As A Facilitator:

Advanced Deep Healing Protocols license is an add on to the Basic Light Key Protocol facilitator license. It will not be issued independently and the license period is always tied to that of Basic Light Key Protocol.

The certified Facilitator has the following obligations:

  • The fees that you charge for conducting the class, needs to be at a minimum price of 99$ (for each class)..
  • The facilitator needs to pay 25% of the class fee to Infinite Healing within 14 days of the class date.
    This will be a minimum of 20$ per class. And, the facilitator can conduct a class of duration 2.5 Hrs.
  • The facilitator needs to send the list of their students promptly to Infinite Healing.

For further queries feel free to write to team@infinitehealing.co.uk