❤️ Pre-requisites
❤️ Course Content

Advanced light medicine is a journey that helps you tap into other realms and the limitlessness of this magnanimous universe to create holistic changes in your life. This is a series and more details of upcoming classes will be published soon.

Receiving from Animal and Plant kingdoms

In this course, you will learn to tune into plant and animal kingdoms to receive contributions and insights on making holistic changes in your life through exercises and meditations.

❤️ Testimonials

“Love both the plant and animal kingdom, they make this Planet so beautiful.Pumpkin plant creeper, I was taken into a space where I participated in a Shamanic dance and I got initiated into the elements and elementals. So much of energy was running through the back of my neck, and it continued even after the music stopped.. Thanks so much for this experience, my body was also swaying and dancing.”

❤️ What next?

You can  buy self-study course from the shop or  find a facilitator near you for an in-person class.

Are you ready to break through your limiting beliefs, resentment and blocks? Would you choose this class? What will it take?

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