💖 Pre-requisites
💖 Course Content

This product will give you much more clarity and processes to overcome “those evil forces” that you are struggling to fight against. This protocol will empower you to see through these sources and neutralize them.
Advanced light key protocols are series of steps using Light keys, frequencies, vortices and process to achieve specific outcome as if by magic.

💖 Benefits
  • Ease and peace in your universe.
  • From stagnancy to flow in all areas of your life.
  • Lightness in the body.
  • Empowerment to create life.
  • Harmony in relationships.
💖 Testimonials

“I have worked on curses and Blackmagic from many years using multiple modalities. It’s been releasing in stages and I had been getting awareness bit by bit on what all I have inherited from my parents and what they got from their parents. The day I paid for this class almost 10 days before, I got awareness on another layer in the whole family line which was carrying this. That was big aha and release. In today’s class for me it was assimilation of whole release I feel finally done with this. The word Blackmagic feels just another concept now. I am feeling so free and so much space. I am so much in gratitude for having light key healing tools”

“I woke with pain in my shoulders yesterday and during the class I released a great deal and today there is great ease in my shoulders.Thank you Nila. 😊

💖 What next?

You can either buy self-study course from the shop (by clicking the link below) or find a facilitator near you for an in-person class.

For further queries feel free to write to team@infinitehealing.co.uk