How to have balance in life!

How to have balance in life!

How have you been?

Everything in life is a result of choice(s) we make – consciously or sometimes unconsciously. If this sounds like some spiritual talk – read on to see how a brave woman and her two daughters consciously chose to handle a traumatic situation!

It really is a choice!
A share that brought tears to many of us.

” A month ago, I lost my husband to a very sudden heart attack while he was happily sitting and talking with all of us family members, on Sunday night of 31/1/2021..It was so sudden n shocking that it shook my life upside down, I still can’t believe this has happened in my life.. but at the same time I have been called as a very brave n courageous woman , because of the way I have handled this traumatic situation so strongly ..myself along with my two daughters .. who also practise the light keys and healing modalities, have been able to cope with this situation by accepting n respecting this as his choice. He was a Doctor n also a spiritual person  by nature, he must have chosen what was best for him n for all of us…

I was practising LIFE KEY And LOVE KEY  along with GRATITUDE in that particular moment when this dreadful incident occurred .. I told him I’ll finish practising my keys and join him in 10 mins…and a few mins later ..I was in a situation which I had never imagined myself in, I want to convey’s because of the light keys practise and healing modalities that I have been able to expand my knowledge and awareness as a being, to go beyond this traumatic accept..let go and heal..  
Gratitude from the core of my heart to Nila, for she lives as a human on this planet earth, but contributes as an Angel 👼 who has all the power n magic to bring awareness clarity n ease in our lives 🙏🏻😇”

One of the daughters’ shared:

“When I first started these modalities just a few months ago, I always thought, what is the need for doing these, all this is only for people who are going through some challenge or suffering in their life, and I don’t have any such major issue, so why do I even need to?! ..

But When I saw my mother and my sister use these light keys and I actually saw a change in their thought process And way of living..
I decided to go for them and I couldn’t have been more grateful…
I still somehow wonder, what a miracle of universe this is..that I got in to these modalities right on time..for I had no idea that, these modalities will literally become my saviour in life. It  taught me, that you don’t need to make effort to make your life good, only when something goes bad… but instead try to better ourselves and our lives each and every day!”

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21 games to prosperity!
Prosperity is also a choice – your choice. When you choose to be at a higher vibration, you automatically match the vibration of abundance and it can only flow towards you. Your work is just to keep your vibrations high.

What easier way to raise your vibrations than having fun?  As Abraham Hicks puts it “The universe will respond to your playful game so quickly, and it will not respond to your prayerful needs. It’s responding to the way you feel, so if you make a game of it, you let the money in, and if you are all serious and worried about it, you hold the money out.”

We invite you to learn 21 different fun games – simple and empowering, all the same, to raise and maintain your vibrations high so that you attract prosperity effortlessly.

Choose and allow abundance to flow towards you. What magical doors would this one open for you, we wonder?

How to have balance in life!
Beautiful facilitation by Nila in which she gently nudges the participant to see where the participant is investing her energy so that she can choose differently. Everything is but a choice. Enjoy the facilitation from this link.

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