*An Ever Increasing Flow of Money*

*An Ever Increasing Flow of Money*

Its Magical Money July at Infinite Healing!

July has brought so many possibilities to get unstuck with money, create an ever increasing flow and do away with all the trauma and struggle we have associated with Money. The Manifest Money Magically has been received extremely well. The feedback has been great too. Here is Tamanna’s share

“Heard the first video from this package…….its amazing how Nila scripts the emotions that we may not even recognise we have.I have been doing EFT since past 10 yrs…… I have found the practice also helps me integrate shadow parts of me.

Looking fwd to listen and practice the other videos”. Thankyou Nila 🥰🙏

For those who don’t know, this is a 6 in 1 package consisting of guided EFT routines for:

  • Money Mastery
  • Creating Money Beyond Needs
  • Receiving windfall of money
  • Tapping into the abundance of Universe
  • Choosing the lifestyle you deserve
  • Healing relationship with Money

Nila added a bonus recording ‘EFT Session For Ever Increasing Money Flow’(worth 18$) to this package. Check the package at a great discount before it goes full price – 72$. You can get up to 27$ off if you act now!


Purchasers of this amazing package also get a discount on ‘Beyond Abuse with Money’

This is a power package of 2 amazing classes

Light Key Protocol for Healing Abuse and Trauma

Move from being at the effect of circumstances to the cause of them. Be it memories of hurt, self doubt or a sense of deprivation. You can clear out everything that takes your power away with this simple protocol consisting of energy healing techniques.

Healing the Trauma and Drama with Money

What if you are creating the relationship with money that sets up money flow in a certain pattern? What if you could break up with money, and create it as a contribution?

Go here to know more:


“Thank you. I just did the protocol for abuse and trauma, twice, and felt this huge energy shift coming through me. I have no words to describe the change. Thank you, thank you so much!”

 “Hi Nila.. I have an experience with your couple of programs. I see tremendous change in my self esteem, confidence and ease. I used attract abusive , controlling relationships, it started changii. I feel more comfortable and grounded and fearless with people around me. Your conciousnes clearings are also magic.”

Attunements on offer till 31st Aug!

Would you like a burst of energy contribution from the higher source? Attunements are powerful energy contributions that can shift your space in certain areas simply by receiving them. Here are a few feedbacks:

“Thanku Nila for d wonderful Attunement. I was very much tuned into the vibration and suddenly my hand were trembling. I could feel my whole body and head spin and something was being pulled out from my body and finally I felt so blissful and light am feeling like flying high up in the sky…feeling of freedom. What an amazing experience. Luv u Nila. Gratitude nd Waves of Love to u dear “

“During the attunement it literally felt like vortex of light entering from my crown chakra and flown through entire body. It is a very nice feeling, Feeling happy for no reason. It feels like opening to receive more from universe and more connected with universe! Thank you Nila”- Sunali

Attunements are difficult to explain because words limit their potency. Experience and receive them to shift your life. They are on a great discounted price till 31st July. Some are pre requisites for quite a few Light Key courses. You might want to fulfil your wish list here:


Feeling lonely and ‘need’ some love? Here is Nila’s gift to you


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