An exercise to create abundance

An exercise to create abundance

How have you been?  Are you panicking about the economy and the effect you may have because of the slow down? You may want to learn the exercise in the video link given at the end of this newsletter. It has some access consciousness clearing too in it.

Celebrating you

Once upon a time, I thought no one liked me. I was trying so hard to be special and get acknowledgement from others for it. Thankfully, the reading and listening to some wise people like Eckhart Tolle made me realize that each one of us is an unique expression of the universe.

“You are not IN the universe, you ARE the universe, an intrinsic part of it. Ultimately you are not a person, but a focal point where the universe is becoming conscious of itself. What an amazing miracle.” – Eckhart Tolle

That realization helped a lot in approving myself as I am – with all the good, bad and ugly stuff. I also came to recognize that every little choice made by creates a new path way in the universe.  How can I not be special – just like every one of you?

What if we shine like a diamond in the sky with all our imperfections for beings in other planets to admire? Isn’t that a possibility?

In my coaching experience, I have seen that 95% of the problems are because of low self-esteem; not approving ourselves as we are. The moment, you start acknowledging and approving yourself, miracles start happening. I see it all the time.

If you are someone who is stuck and beating yourself up, you would not want to miss the group coaching call on ‘Celebrating you’.  This could change your life for ever.

I invite you to look at your existence through the eyes of the universe – with Star grids and Star matrix as companions and guides .

Advanced Light medicine – are you ready?

Light medicine wonders never seem to cease. A beautiful feedback from a practitioner’s client:

“My mom had lots of pain in her body and used to complaint all the time.. Light Medicine Detox .. she was very receptive and she felt a great relief in her body, she was feeling lighter and she slept like a baby in the afternoon for nearly 3 hrs and woke up fresh and with a smiling face.”

Are you enjoying the Light medicine experience as well? Ready for more? Invite you to experience tuning into plant and animal kingdoms to receive contributions from them.

In this call, you will learn exercises to tune into these kingdoms, the kind of contribution you can receive and experience the healing from plant and animal spirits.

Awareness development circle(ADC) – 5D

Some of the many feedbacks from ADC participant

“My life has changed after doing the 5D meditations. I’m open to receiving so much from the universe. Gratitude Nila, for showing us this path.”

“I have lost words to describe the ADC calls Today was another great call. So loving and nurturing. My back pain went away by the healing I received. I’ve stopped wondering how a meditation can contribute so much physically too. Gratitude for teaching us this. Nila.”

If you would like to experience 5D meditations, feel free to join us this week

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