An Invitation to the Vortex of Money

An Invitation to the Vortex of Money

What if You Could Magnetize Money to Draw in More Money Flow!

Nila recently received a download for the 12 Techniques to Increase the Money Flow class – The Vortex of Money! Sense the energy of the vortex. What is your awareness? Do you sense what it can create for you? If you have any doubts or considerations about this class, are they the same considerations that hold you back in life? We invite you to change that.

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“Thank you Nila for today’s beautiful class on ease and grace protocol. My daughter was enjoying and feeling it way too easy to create magic on her own self…A big thank you to you from my daughter Stutie.”

This is the testimonial from the first class of the “Ease with School Series”. The series is being renamed aptly “Ease on Earth” and you might see facilitator training being rolled out soon even though this series is yet to be concluded. This series is all about how we go about our lives on Planet Earth School. Look out for the third upcoming class Ease With School – Certified (Dealing with Expectations)

When you expect an outcome, how does it feel? Light, or heavy and solid? Expectations can invariably lead to conflicts and upset when they are not fulfilled. How would you be if you didn’t expect anything of you? If you didn’t expect anything at all, could you get it with ease?

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The first two classes are available as recordings.

Abundance is your birthright!

Did you learn about abundance or lack? In this video, Nila puts forth an interesting perspective about how we are born into abundance. We start learning lack as we grow up. Releasing the resonance to lack can invite the abundance back into your life. Watch this video as Nila gives the various possibilities you can have with abundance.. Link to the video is at the end.

Release to Move Into Abundance

Light Matrix is a powerful element of the Universe which can transmute any blockages, negativities into light and lightness. Nila has channelled the Light Matrix commands  to release lack and move into abundance. The product has 3 powerful recordings

  • Release the resistance to Money
  • Release poverty consciousness
  • Release money worries

Listen to these recordings consciously or just play it in the background to attract abundance. They are available at 50% discount till 30th June.

When you purchase this product by 30th June, you will be invited to the Life of Abundance – Free 11 Day Challenge. Group synergy exponentializes creation. Join in to kickstart your abundance mode. The challenge starts on 1st July. Hop on!

LKF and Me

Calling all Basic Light Key Frequency Practitioners!

Send in your stories about how you used the light key frequencies creatively to create magic at The Subject of the email should be “LKF and Me”. There are 3 exciting prizes to be won including a workshop with Nila.

Free Light Key Healing

Join our Light Key Practitioners here to request and receive healing. Group Healings happen twice on Tuesdays. Details are available on the group page. Light Key Practitioners can also join to contribute healing. Spread the Light here:

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Weight Loss with Rapid Response Protocol

Address the real issues behind your weight and let go of them easily!

Free Insight Call for Light Key Frequency Practitioners

Get to know the creative uses of the Light Key Frequencies and how they could contribute more.

Letting Go of the Lies of Lack

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What more magic can we create together?

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