Are You a Healer, Struggling to Make Money?

Are You a Healer, Struggling to Make Money?

Have you experienced the Kindness Medicine Course by Nila?

It will open up realms of kindness that weren’t available to you earlier. Experience this wonderful meditation and learn 3 techniques to ease into wellness.

Kindness is a superpower that is available to all, and it begins with you being kind to yourself.

If you are a healer and/or empath, it is easy to get sucked into the unkindness and projections around you. Step into your own power with the magic of kindness.

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What point of view do you have about healing that won’t allow you to live your full potential?!

You might be unwilling to accept money for your time because you might have a judgment about it.
Or you feel spent and burnt out from your sessions because of the way you approach them.

Do you feel obliged to give out free sessions?

Do you now wish to change how you approach your healing practice?

Join Conscious and Prosperous Healer with Facilitator Tamanna Goplani to uncover the unconsciousness around being a ‘healer’ and invite more joy and abundance in your life!

An amazing share:

“I just completed listening to conscious and prosperous healer basic.
Nila could have named it conscious parenting, dealing with mother in law, relationship class, and it would still be relevant.
For me, it opened up how I have been dealing with my son. It has led me to drop expectations, or at least name them out to him. I now spell out the situation to him. I tell him what is expected behaviour and what he has been doing, rather than scolding and projecting that he does not understand. And so much more. Yesterday I went about my day with a grumpy mil, without being pushed around but in allowance and she came around 🤗
As Smriti rightly put it at the end of the course, it is about how we function in our lives.
Nila has poured out her years of accumulated wisdom and it is a treasure trove of beingness.
In gratitude 🙏🏻✨”

Set the stage for productivity
Have you wondered what is ‘good luck’ all about?  Would you like to have the stag set for you on the vibrational plane, so that you have a greater choice available to you?

Light Key Blessings are energetic transmissions from higher realms that melt away all the unconsciousness around a given situation and create the space for a different possibility for you.

Receive 11 Days of Prosperity Blessings by Expert Healers Monika, Suguna, and Anupama to open up to an abundant reality.

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