Are you a healer who needs help?

Are you a healer who needs help?

How have you been? 

I have been part of many healing groups and I see lots of struggle amongst the healers – both emotionally and financially.

I have been there and done that. In fact, when I started my healing work, I used to get sick when I performed hands-on healing. I totally avoided hands-on healing for a few years until I understood what was wrong in my approach.

I was trying to heal people no matter what –  even if they were not willing to heal. I was giving away my energy because they were not willing to activate their healing capacity.

Then I learned to have no point of view about other people’s choices and letting them receive as much they would like. This changed my practice. Clients got a sense of empowerment instead of a force-feed. 

Also, I used to feel undervalued by the masses and almost gave up my healing practice. However, in my journey, I also learned that the value does not come from outside. When I let go of valuing me with other people’s opinion of me, things changed a lot for me. Demand for my services and products grew beyond my expectation.

The simplest trick here is just follow your heart; your intuition; your awareness no matter what the outside world tells you. It may seem difficult but there is an effortless way to get to the space of inner freedom – Light key practice has brought so much ease and space for many people. See what they say:

Not only I get an upgrade to the premier economy, but also my bag travelled premier economy at no extra cost…

Miracles are everywhere…Being receptive is all that’s needed..!!!

Thank you Nila for having me on this journey of miracles…I am so so very grateful

This whole body of work is so nurturing and life-changing.

If you like to embrace the embodiment and have a joyful journey on the planet, please feel free to join me

I’m so relaxed
One of the best things that these keys have given me is relaxation
I don’t have any tensions now
I m at ease

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