Are you afraid of ghosts?

Are you afraid of ghosts?

One of the questions I often hear from people is whether ghosts are true and whether they can hurt us.

My answer is simple: Nobody can hurt you unless you give them permission to do so – whether they have a body or not.

Fear kicks in only when you are not willing to be aware. If you are aware, you would know the energies around you and how to handle them as well. If you are interested in developing your awareness in gentle ways, please join me on the class on 24th Jan to kick start your spiritual journey:

You will be able to learn exercises to develop your awareness & connect to your guides and angels. People who were extremely afraid of beings without bodies got over the fear after the class. 

If you are not comfortable with the class, the original trauma from where this fear stems can be easily cleared by the Light key protocol for Abuse/Trauma. I highly recommend you to get this recording to learn this very simple protocol that comes in very handy during difficult life situations:

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These are some of the messages from practitioners of the Light Key system:

“Thank u Nila!
It’s all soooo…
Simple, profound, doable, quick, deep, incredible, life altering …

All of this .. at our own pace & space…
wow !!
Deeply grateful !!”

“My experience is very phenomenal. My awareness has gone up 10 folds. I’m creating things that I was only dreaming about. Suddenly I feel I’m having new eyes to look at everything. Be it money, relationship, or health. in fact, It’s about all aspects of my life.
My creativity is flowing……
I find this modality to be simple and very effective. For me, health was a big issue. Now it just vanishes like…whoosh… 1-3 minutes of practice. That’s the best thing about light keys. They work fast. Not too much heady stuff to understand.”

Have you seen the video about ordering a gift from the universe?

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