Are you Attached to your body weight?

Are you Attached to your body weight?

How have you been?

Ever wondered what attachment really means to you? Do some attachments bring happiness while others don’t? What if any attachment is just a limitation? What if letting go of attachment allows you to function from a space that could be more contribution to anyone around you?

Get a taster from the video at the end where Nila asks questions to bring about the awareness of where and what you might have attached yourself too.

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A fun way to release weight and restore health!

If you are someone who is bothered about your weight – may be your awareness of the root cause may set you off on an adventurous journey where losing weight may just be the additional side-benefit you gain?

Join Nila as she facilitates you with her as-usual-unusual questions to help you go beyond wildest imagination.

What else are you holding on to which suffocates you sometimes? If you are ready to go on the ride on self-discovery, these calls  are for you.

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Control to creation!

 Each one of us have our own justifications of why control is necessary – it may be to achieve a goal or to ensure our loved one’s safety. But has this journey been fun for you so far? Or has it been stressful?

Now imagine letting go of control – just for few seconds! Woo – does it sound scary? Outside your comfort zone?

What if you can out create yourself when you let go of control?

Do you also know that control can also be used to create when you let go of the need to control?

more  possibilities with control and, join Nila in this call as she leads you to look at the different aspects of control and gently ease you into expansion mode.

Attachment to body weight!

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