Are you buying in to a lie?

Are you buying in to a lie?

How are you?
Are you buying into lack? What if lack is a total lie? Look around the universe to see the evidence.

Here is an exercise to go beyond the lack:

Resistance to Choice – Nidhi’s Story

Resistance – do you have a charge to this word? Have you even thought that you might have resistance to something – for example cooking, cleaning, going for a job or even to leave a job, attending parties and the likes. Actually, these things are usually easy to spot – some of us have resistance to freedom, empowerment, happiness – interesting right?

Be it a mundane thing or a deep-seated issue, once you acknowledge your resistance, you open the doors to a different possibility. Someone wise said “Once you are aware of a resistance, it becomes an opportunity for redirection”.

Nidhi Oza, a Light Key practitioner, shares her experiences where she went beyond resistance and see what doors opened for her. It’s inspirational!
In her own words:

Basic light Keys
I had a strong resistance to this class at first, but I chose it nevertheless as Smriti mentioned about it to me.

My unstoppable journey began
I felt resistance before most classes Intermediate, Prosperity activation, Conscious body, Conscious Embodiment, Star glow facial and it was these classes that changed so much in me just by choosing.

Some Experiences:

Conscious body
This class changed my ease with my awareness soooo much. It’s funny, I have done at least 8-10 case study sessions on different people. So far I have received phenomenal responses in every case study. My level of awareness due to these sessions has quadrupled.

Conscious Embodiment class
I experienced excitement, vibrance and pure joy when I got my star name. A sense that the universe acknowledges me, I don’t need anyone else acknowledgement.

Star Glow facial class
This was a cherry on the cake. I loved the part where you(Nila) ask for your original frequency to come through intensify it. Saw the brightest sparkliest white shimmering light with a slight hue of rainbow colors at the edges.

I got the awareness to use certain frequency while washing my face and post putting moisturiser use the other frequencies in the protocol. I keep getting guided to products that will be contributive to my facial skin for that day. My friends want to take sessions from me, just looking at my pictures. Holding onto that till I send my quiz for certification.

Full transition
Post this class few days later I did a swap/session with Saida for Conscious Embodiment. The session was so powerful.

Next day while using the Star glow facial protocol I received a frequency, “Nightingales purple ray frequency ..” , used it. This opened up my capacity/ channel to receive information. Since then I have received so many frequencies. I keep getting new frequencies every now and

Information keeps flowing or tricking in sometimes. Sometimes it also comes in when I’m sleeping. I am happy to share these frequencies. Just very excited with having ease with my potency. There’s so much more I’d like to share. So so grateful.

Would you like to start your journey with Light keys? Your choice – absolutely yours.

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