Are you carrying other people’s monkeys?

Are you carrying other people’s monkeys?

Are You Carrying Other People’s Monkeys?

If you have felt frozen or helpless, then you might have fragments of you that got stuck as a child. Oftentimes, we carry other peoples’ heaviness and intensity as our own and create frustration for ourselves. In this video, Nila describes one such story that might open up possibilities of getting unstuck and ‘dropping other peoples’ monkeys’ for you. Link to the video is at the end.

If you feel scattered, check “Integrating Fragmented Parts of You” by Nila where she leads the group to embrace their wholeness. 

See what we heard from a participant after the class:

“So whole of my this lifetime I felt unloved. I felt so incomplete about love. After I met light keys I started secret affair of self love. Today in the call I got awareness how much capacity about love I have that I have been hiding. I do not need love because I AM LOVE😍 I can melt mountains with it. I feel so whole with this acknoledgement.Watch out world, don’t get surprised if you fall in for me now🤣😍🙋‍♀️🌟 and don’t blame me if you be around me and transform your life, as love is highly infectious 🥰”

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Creating Magic with Light Key Frequencies

Nila has a Free Insight Call for all Basic Light Key Practitioners TODAY! She will share some tricks and tips to create magic in our lives. Hop on to know what more possibilities exist in the Universe with these magic wands!

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Are You in Love with The Lord of Lack?

Ask yourself this! Really! What popped up for you? When did you start buying lack? Why did buy lack? Do you do it to fit in? To belong? To hide? Is the lack even real? What prevents you from having the abundance that is already available to you? Curious? Excited? Hop on for this magical call “Letting Go of the Lies of Lack”

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You are Enough

Do you struggle with not feeling good enough? How often have you held yourself back instead of going for what you desire because of this program? Would you like to go beyond this limiting program and expand your horizon beyond your imagination?

What if your “weaknesses” have a gift of your unique contribution to the universe? Would you like to decode and find?  What if any social conditioning can’t have hold on you anymore?

Nila conducted a workshop on this topic a few months back and as the content has become pre-req for advanced classes, this has been converted to a course with a manual.

This course consists of a great deal of simple exercises to

  • Finding your unique strengths
  • Finding the gifts behind your weaknesses
  • Release judgements and perfectionism
  • Release programs and source codes of “not good enough”
  • Release the stuck memories from childhood and past life
  • Release identities
  • Release religious conditioning

The benefits of this course are unlimited. You will be able to

  • Uncover your hidden capabilities
  • Acknowledging your unique gifts
  • Develop strong self awareness and self love
  • Raise confidence and self esteem
  • Create a career that brings joy

What more magic will this be for you?

You can get the course from here:

If you’re a coach or healer, you can add this to your repertoire by choosing the certification option and use the exercises to help your clients create transformation in their lives.

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