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Are you channeling the universe?

Are you channeling the universe?

How is it going?

We have been doing something fun – colouring! This is not only childlike fun but it is also a deep spiritual experience. What is it?

I have channeled lightlogues for Israel, USA, and India so far at the request of a group of people and invited more of them to colour the lightlogues and bring more light into their part of the world. India has the biggest momentum. Within a day, we got more than 10 people to colour the lightlogue. Every time I look at a lightlogue, I get an immense sense of gratitude and this is what people say about their experience colouring them:

“Thank you for introducing this magic ��”

Thank u so much Nila …it’s expanding my awareness.”

Thank you for this nila. Really have such an expansive feeling colouring and engaging with it.”

“I felt a lot of peace when I worked with the lightlogue. I also got this message … when u work within the pathways on the outside open up. Keep going. Work within. You will find ways.”

when I was doing, I got a sense of choice like universe being pallet of colors and I can choose whichever since In software I had more choice of custom colors same is about life change the method if u want to have more choice ��”

“Thank you for this contribution nila..has been so calming for me. So much awarness and such a light feeling I have had since I started this…am enjoying my conversation with this greatful for this.”

“Thank you. One of the most amazing conversations with self has happened thanks to this.”

Anyone can join in and start the dialogue with light for free:

Are you channeling the universe?

Each one of us is a unique expression of the universe. We are channeling the universe all the time but we blur and skew the expression with our resistance. When we acknowledge our unique contribution to the universe and be in allowance of the expression, life is beautiful and blissful.

Awareness Development Circle helps with this. We do exercises and journeys to let go of resistance and move into communion with the universe. Beyond the inner peace, the participants start to get awareness of their new talents and skills. A participant embraced her medical intuitiveness another one acknowledge her skill with psychic surgery etc.

My whole body is jumping with joy right now, after the ADC.She ( Nila) is magic and she will bring out the magic you be

Yes, my magic wand has helped me a lot. The results are instantaneous. Love and Gratitude Nila.

Life does not have to be a struggle anymore. Join us to receive the support from the universe and flow effortlessly:

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What more magic can we create together?

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