Are you fighting with your body?

Are you fighting with your body?

How is it going?

Our fun continues with colouring the lightlogues… did you join?

After Israel, USA, India, and UK, Singapore received a lightlogue. Malaysia and Russia are ready to receive it. I wonder which country is next!

You can also join the colouring experience in June. You will get 4 lightlogues for the price of 21$:

Along with the fun, we also did a video for you – this time it is on you – Are you willing to be the remedy for the virus? What does this mean? Every time you look outside for help, you are negating your power and potency. This video will help you recognize that. The video is at the end of this mail.

Fighting with the body?

Truth… absolute truth… in 0 to 10 scale how much do you love your body? Well, do you love bodies at all?

What do bodies really mean to you? Are you happy to be in the body? Are you comfortable being around other bodies?

Are you friendly with your body? Does your body listen to you?

If you have persistent health or body image issues, there is a good chance that you have been in a fight with your body. You being the life force energy that nourishes the body and the body being the vehicle for the experience on the planet, isn’t it important to be in communion with the body to have a joyful ride here?

Let’s look at your relationship with your body and release the conflicts in the upcoming Gorgeous You call so that you can co-create the body you desire with total ease through complete communion with your body. Releasing the conflicts with your body will not only make your body lighter but you will also start receiving contribution from your body in every area of your life.

This is what a participant say about this series:

“If you are a facilitator… you should be on this call.
If you are asking for something greater… you should be on this call
If you wish to have your world split wide open…you should be on this call.
If you… (whatever) You should be on this call.
I am happy and grateful that I chose it.
You can still join in..”

You can join just this call or the series:

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What more magic can we create together?

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