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Are you growing wings?

Are you growing wings?

How has your 2020 journey started? Empowering I hope!

My life has changed altogether in the past few months since we started the trial on light keys. It amazes me how quickly the system has grown in content and reach. The practitioners are now in about 10 countries as far as I know and I get numerous notes of thanks every day. It’s like in a few months I have a whole new family who is there for me like a rock –  cheering me, pushing me and being the space for me to create! See some recent notes:

When will I be able to do the advanced course and learn how to teach them to others? This is a very powerful modality. I would like to take this ahead. There’s a massive change happening within me.

I feel very light and compassionate towards my body and I have no words to express my gratitude for you

When I started my spiritual journey, if someone had told me that I would have all this, I would have laughed as I laughed at the medium who predicted that I would become a medium.

Let me tell you that story. When a close family member passed away, I was looking for answers and I ended up having a telephone session with a medium. That session literally wowed me – the accuracy of the reading blew away my mind. At the end of the session, the medium told me that I was a great healer and I would become a medium too. Honestly, I laughed because I was a mess back then with anxiety and signs of depression. It may be hard to believe that I was still in mourning for the baby I lost in 5 days after his birth for 8 years by then. Life was not great and I did not have much hope.

But still, I cannot figure out how I ended up in three bridges spiritualist church for training as a medium only after a few weeks after the reading I received. There was no stopping since then. My journey with the spirit world gave a whole new perspective of life. The grief finally lifted. I started having hope for the first time in my entire life. Anxiety started reducing. It was as if I found my home.

I had magical experiences, lots of new learnings – above all, a companionship of beings from other dimensions. There are no words to explain the bliss I feel when some beings of lights communicate through me; when they take me on astral travel; when I get to see things that I have never seen in this reality. Fear lifts when you can experience that life does not end here.

Needless to say, when I see the countless people who get out of grief and start living when they hear from their loved ones, it gives me great motivation to keep going. My best blessing is that many people who have private sessions with me find their healing and mediumship capacities and pursue their gifts. So, I decided to expand that opportunity for others who are interested in finding their spiritual gifts too. You could kickstart your awareness development journey with me on 24th and then continue the journey through the weekly development circles in every month. If this is something that you are looking for, please check out these links:

If you are already a light key practitioner, you may like to join me to learn the expansion key on 22nd:

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I will catch up with you on our magical ride sometime. Until then, take good care of yourself

In appreciation of you,