Are you hiding from money?

Are you hiding from money?

How are you? I want to apologize for not sending the audio clearing for winning the lottery. I have been deliciously busy doing full time IT job, eBusiness, classes, mobile apps, sessions etc. However, I am asking the audio to come into existence quickly. What would it take?

In case you had missed the previous money clearing audio, here it is:

But what if you don’t need clearing? What if creating/receiving money is just a choice? How many of you are hiding from money? Is it working for you? Are you willing to have more money than God? Are you willing to be so sexy that money can’t resist you? Would you like to know how to have money as a lover?

Please don’t register for the web class on Saturday. Else, you may have to handle too much money 🙂

Tool of the day:

Right, while the audio gets created, I thought I will leave you with some questions that could shift your relationship with money: What have you made so vital about possessing a steady income that keeps you from having more money than you can ever spend? What questions are you not asking that if you asked, would open the floodgates of money? What have you decided your “worth” is that keeps you from creating beyond that value? How many of you are avoiding a love affair with money in order to remain loyal to your partners? POC & POD everything that comes and see what magic it creates!

Don’t get happy:

You have the option of downloading free mobile apps to expand your life:

But there is a problem. If you download and use, you might get very happy! That would not be good for you or people around you 🙂

Private sessions are hot!

My private sessions are out creating my classes at the moment and I am asking the session to fix the price. The more my fee is, the more the number of clients is! What else is possible? Here is a feedback on a Skype session:

I thought i would write to you with joy and tell you after our session yesterday I feel strong At work today things have changed within me. I got a lot more respect from my clients. Also i felt no empathic pain and in turn it did not drain or stick to me. After my days work i am on a high full of praise to the universe and you for giving me this strength and new understanding, it is truly great ! I never wish this feeling to end, and it will get greater and greater i know so. I thank you and the universe so greatly. I will log on for my gift treat from yourself and listen to you in oar You will always be in my gratitude book. So much appreciation to you Nimi The Brightest, Biggest, Blessings To You, you are a true Angel ” – Louise Bannister

The price might go up again, if the session desires it! So, is now the time for you to catch up with me? Take care until we catch up.  

Infinite gratitude,