Are you in for the 21 days Fun Prosperity game?

Are you in for the 21 days Fun Prosperity game?

How are you?

What an amazing group coaching call we had yesterday!!! The game Nila demonstrated raised our vibration for sure.  Last time when a game like this was played, Nila manifested her dream home with a rare Mongolia tree as she had desired.

Do you have a wish you would like to manifest? A dream home, a dream Car or a million dollar? Choose wisely, your dreams might come true!!!  If you missed the session you can catch the replay and join the fun in our Facebook ‘Light Key Mastery’ group. FB and Video links available at the end of this newsletter.

Would you like to indulge in a Facial with Elements of Light? 

When you be you, when you shine your own light, your magnificence is seen through. Are you willing to let go of your masks and allow people to really see you?

Apart from releasing energetic barriers to shine through, Star glow facial uses various elements from the universe to purify the cells, tone the muscles and polish the skin and bring a natural glow to your face without external touching or even a drop of a chemical.

It’s something not be missed, become a Certified Star Glow Facial Protocol Practitioner.

Conscious body embodiment – a retreat like never before

What an awesome Conscious embodiment retreat we had! Thank you, star seeds who participated and facilitated two new processes through your receiving.

Some of the comments after the class.

“I’m super charged. Have excess energy. Feels like I have had 3 red bulls”

“Felt like a beautiful retreat..not wanting to come out…going back to sleep with the amazing feelings”

“Love all the amazing participants who are co-creating big thank you to all”

In her own style, Nila led the group to explore their choices and step up to embrace more possibilities as an infinite being with the cozy company of Light Keys and frequencies. The new process from Star Grid can benefit anyone who has fears/patterns on genetically transmitted issues.

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Awareness Development Circle 5D Intensive

Prosperity Through Babyness

Training for Facilitators of Prosperity Activation Program

Advanced Light Medicine – Call 1

Conscious and Prosperous Healer – Level 1

De-constructing illnesses with Star Matrix

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What more magic can we create together I wonder!

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