Are you in love with your limitations?

Are you in love with your limitations?

How have you been?

When you expect love from someone and you do not receive it – say repeatedly, what do you do? Instead of the common response of feeling hurt, holding resentments  –  are you ready to try something different? Ready to pivot? This video is a gold mine of tips to pivot your vibration. Watch and see your eyes widen with new awareness. What new paths would you now create in the universe! It’s time to go beyond your limitation you have so dearly held onto! Link to the video at the end.

How would you like to pivot to prosperity consciousness?

Light Key Prosperity Activation Program – is today

This program has shifted the life of many in a profound way. How would it be to find out your authentic desires, learn how to let go of limitations and activate your desires – all in one class.

“It took me few days to integrate the shift that happened in the 2 days. Immense emotional outrage, cleansing and knowing of my own being. Few of the instant changes were, in my relationships, sply with my In-laws, and my husband… The very next day I got a call from my bank, and they offered me a credit card, life time free..oh my am I dreaming. I was in the middle of a job interview process which I later found I was not selected, which gave me a bit disappointment, but that gave me an insight whether I want a job or not? Many of our relationships have eased and settled on it’s own”

A life-changing protocol facilitated by Light Key facilitators, Smriti and Alona.
Discover your authentic self and watch what opens up for you!

Basic Light Key Blueprint Course for Life and Beyond!

Willing to spend 15 mins daily for 36 days, to shift your life? Learn a simple key practice and rewire your brain with this practise! As someone wise said, “The world you see outside of you will always be a reflection of what you have inside of you.”

There is more! You learn a process to let go of limiting beliefs, an anchor to prosperity consciousness and a kindness healing experience along with the key practise.

Light Key facilitators, Talia and Antara’s invitation, especially for you!

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Both the above courses are part of Bright New Beginnings package. Purchase any of these courses before 15th Jan and avail a one-time discount coupon worth 11$ that can be used in future purchases from our website. Choose to vibrate higher!

Advanced Light key protocol for Forgiveness (Golden wings of Kindness)

The basic forgiveness protocol helps you let go of the resentments and hurts you have dearly held onto. Now that you have experienced it, wondered how would it be to demolish the structures of resentment and free yourself from getting hurt?

We invite you to this class to learn this advanced protocol to release elements that resonates with separation, superiority and commitment to the past. Gift yourself this choice to liberate yourself.

Are you in love with your limitations!


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