Are you overwhelmed because of other entities?

Are you overwhelmed because of other entities?

How are you doing?

Have you ever felt you don’t have control over what you think, speak and do? Keep reading… You will see the link to a useful video at the end of this mail.

Are you in entangled universes?

If you are very aware, you would know exactly what’s going on in other people’s universes. If you are attached to these people, you will get very entangled in their universes. It feels like what’s happening in their universe is happening in your life but you don’t have any control over it. It could overwhelm you and lead to anxiety and depression. I know of a couple who were living and controlling each others body and messed up their relationship really bad. Since they cleared their entanglements, their relationship has changed magically.

Most of the time we misinterpret attachment as love. Love is spacious; open. Any attachment is a limitation; restricting. When you are attached/connected to anything, your choice is being limited. By releasing attachments, you are not going to loose people,instead the relationships get healthier and harmonious. You feel free and have more choices to make.

I am going to teach a few techniques to release yourself from entangled universes this Sunday in Ease with School series. I invite you to join. Even though it says ‘School’, it is for everyone who is dealing with any system like employment, family, wellness, life on the planet too 🙂

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Entity clearing

If your head is very busy or you feel overwhelmed or confused, there is a good chance that other entities without body are trying to influence you. Here is a clipping of entity clearing from the access consciousness class I did back in 2014:

Hope it helps!

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