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Are you playing God?

Are you playing God?

How are you?

Does the current pandemic worry you? You may like to see my video ‘Are you playing God?’ where I have talked about how you can contribute to others by being a clear space. The link is at the end.


Journeying with Light keys

1) As usual, an amazing Awareness Development Circle on Friday where we travelled to different universes – magical experiences along with acquiring new capabilities. There were so many gratitude notes such as this:
“Thank you once again for such a journey which can’t be expressed in words”
You can also join, if you like:

2) Vortices are frequencies and energies in action. They are super potent and the outcome is exponential. We have been using vortices in programs like Light Medicine and Prosperity Activation Protocols and the results are amazing. See what Sunali is saying:

“I would like to share my singing has way improved after light medicine sessions and gorgeous you calls as I am more present in body today I recorded 3 songs all got done quickly in one take, and voice is sounding very sweet 🥰 seriously I had done singing around 2 months back it was good that time but required 3 4 times practice, I am so loving me more now. NILA don’t get surprised if you see my video soon, 🤣”

Using the frequencies and vortices, I have been able to raise my vibration very quickly using Rapid Response Protocol. When I am able to maintain a high vibration, life is just ease and joy; whatever I desire just steps into my reality without me having to seek. I am going to have the first class on vortices and Rapid Response protocol on Tuesday.
Please feel free to join:

3) When I started the class description for ‘Ease with School’, I kind of got stuck. I stopped writing and broke for lunch.

When I came back, so much awareness flowed in and it became 3 x 30 min calls and then finally ended up as 4 x 40 mini series – all within 30 mins! So much to share. I can start the class now 🙂 The way it grew showed me great potential. It’s all about having ease with learning and systems such as school & this reality :-). Suitable for everyone…
coming very soon – watch this space!

4) Recent feedback on my private session:
“Had an absolutely amazing session with Nila the magic lady. Weip? How did I get so lucky? Feeling so light and happy 😊”
I have not raised my fees for about 5 years. Most probably, it is going to go up next month. If you like to catch up, you may like to book now.

They are available here now:

5) Announced Conscious Body Protocol class. You can see the unconscious choices you are making with the bodies and change them with ease with this protocol. This could be your first step to creating the body you desire! You will be amazed at your unconscious choices and the freedom you receive from letting these go. See what Elaine is saying:

“I highly recommend the Conscious Body Protocol class that’s coming up. This was birthed from the ADC Intensive and it’s amazing! During the ADC Intensive, I kept going OMG! OMG! and there was so much awareness that I was still carrying people whom I thought I had already released. After the session, my body felt so light and I’ve run the process a few times now and will continue to run it. You wouldn’t choose this class for what reason?”

6) Awesome achievement from Kate. Here is her message:
“NILA I received good news today! I will have my very own VibesUP shop in Nevada City, Ca. This is possible for me without fear as a result of the courses I’ve taken with you!!! I’m sooo excited”

7) Got Light medicine – Detox protocol done by Suguna while I was sleeping and when I woke up, I knew something had changed in the body! I am amazed at the feedback we are receiving from the Light Medicine Protocols. You must try the Body Reset and Deep Detox Protocols with a practitioner… you would love it.

8) Lightlogue experience for July has started with kindness for belly (inside out). I coloured this lightlogue and got so much awareness for reducing my belly. I have already taken 3 actions out of them. Awesome!

You can still join:

9) I want to give a big shout out to Lizia for her two Prosperity Activation Protocol case studies. They were extremely thorough and showed her commitment to the process and the client. Very well done and the results and testimonials were also awesome. One of her clients tripled her order position within 10 days of this PAP session. Would you like to have one too?

Video link:

What more magic can we create together I wonder!

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