Are you resonating with illness or wellness?

Are you resonating with illness or wellness?

How have you been?

Is it really possible to manifest your dreams? Find out how you can co-create with the universe, via this call, where Nila playfully coaches the participant to receive from the universe. Video link is at the end.

De-constructing illness with Star matrix:

Are you curious to explore further – this class might be for you!

How many of you own your illness? So identified with it and even defend having it?

How many of you have the martyr signature that makes you absorb illness from other people?

Have you taken your non-violence to the next level by being the patron of pathogens?

Are you curious to explore further – this class might be for you!

This is an experiential class where the root causes of the illnesses are unearthed and cleared with the help of ‘power elements’ of the universe.

We invite you to join us in this journey to receive deep insights into the creation and existence of the illnesses and tap into the possibilities of deconstructing them with potent processes, in the presence of powerful beings – join us if you are willing to open up that magical door for your body, life and beyond!

Intermediate course:

Did you know we have an intermediate class coming up shortly? This might be the last time Nila leads this class live in a while – she would have facilitators going forward! If you would like to hear it from the horse’s mouth, feel free to jump in:

Upcoming classes:

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Connecting with Light Beings (Kick start your awareness development journey)

Joyous Embodiment

Allowing the Universe to bring what you desire:


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