Are you romancing money?

Are you romancing money?

Do you feel at loggerheads with life? Have parts of life stagnated because they are perpetually conflicted? Wellness, relationships, finances? Do you feel you sabotage you because you cannot receive? Watch this video by Nila to explore more. Video is given at the end.

Get your wands out
Learn 3 magical frequencies you can invoke to create prosperity, vitality, kindness and transformation. You can also learn a protocol to use them to turbocharge your finances.

Nila is leading the Basic Light Key Frequencies class LIVE and she will follow it up with Light Key Protocol for Attracting Money.

The Basic Light Key Frequencies lay a foundation for a life of your choosing.

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Are you in 2 minds?
All we are asking you, are you ‘torn between’ 2 things? Or maybe you are and aren’t sure of something. Confusion reigns supreme at times.

Your energy might be stuck in a disagreeable situation that you find difficult to move beyond. Resolving conflicts and creating harmony frees up creative energy to fuel productivity, gives more clarity and opens doors to joy.

Join Nila to create wellness in your body and life.

You can also let go of conflicts with money and befriend it to invite prosperity in your universe.

Here are a few shares:

“Conflict resolution protocol ..put a person in a very critical condition back to consciousness and healed his ruptured lungs in totality much against the timelines and expectations of the Medical fraternity in my Universe ..
Walking him through the Golden globe of Kindness…. And .. healing process of the Earth.. for his further recovery..
Thanks a lot Nila Ma’am.“

“Conflict resolution is amazing…
it really saved me today, when I had sadly to say goodbye to a beloved being…🙌🙌

Get the conflict resolution protocol here which is a pre requisite for these calls

The Joy of Creation
Remember the time you were a kid and freely drew and painted on canvas? No agenda, no targets, no dead – lines. Just endless hours of engrossing, pure joy.

Relive the joy of creating with free form calls with Nila.

Get the Creator Call series to bring the babyness back into creating a life you love.

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YouTube Video: Does your brain like your heart?

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