Are you strangling your business?

Are you strangling your business?

How have you been?

You may ask can someone really strangle their own business?!  We invite you to play along with the questions in the below video and observe how you could be hindering your own progress – mostly unconsciously.

While visualizing abundance helps attract prosperity, Nila explains how space from which you are desiring plays a significant role in your creation. She gently nudges you to be in question and to be in allowance of what shows up so that you can tap into the possibilities, however small they may initially appear. What doors of new possibilities would this open for you? Link to the video at the end.

Light Key Expert healer (certified)

Light key healing system now consists of many potent techniques not only for self-healing but also for contributing to others in their healing journey. These techniques help you gain a sense of well-being, prosperity, and harmony. How about being certified to use these healing techniques for your friends and clients?

This is an amazing gift to have. The light key blessings and attunements have been a gift to my clients, creating many shifts. It leaves me feeling so happy and grateful.

If you are looking to add more techniques to your healing kit and exponentialize, ‘Light key Expert Healer’ class is for you. In this class, Nila is opening up more possibilities by teaching attunements to the practitioners. Attunements are energy transmissions to raise the vibration.

When you choose this class, you learn:

  • How to do three Light key attunements: Prosperity, Harmony, and Wellbeing.
  • How to do Light key blessings.
  • Using Light Key vortices for magical changes
  • Advanced uses of the Light key techniques & elements

What more?

Apart from learning, you will be receiving blessings and attunements from the class participants!! Choose and spread your wings!


Are you ready to tune into prosperity?

Sometimes we really don’t believe we deserve the money we desire. When you ask yourself ‘Am I willing to receive $100 million?’, the first response most of us get is anything but a confident ‘Yes’.  It’s surprising how the fears and beliefs of money, we have bought into from our parents, friends, partners or from this reality, usually limits us.

Are you willing to dig deeper, uncover your limiting beliefs and let go of them? Would you like to be open enough to clearly see the potentials which show up in your universe?

If you get a ‘yes’, “Tuning Into Prosperity” and Effortless expansion of your business products are for you. We invite you to enjoy the exercise and experiences from these products and choose to move into a space of effortless creation!

What more? These products are on offer this month -especially for you


Are you strangling your business!


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Facilitator Licensing – Adv. Light Key Protocol for Space Clearing


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