What do you do with anger?

What do you do with anger?

How have you been?

Shall we discuss anger? In our reality, anger is seen as wrongness. We hear you say – and that’s right! According to Access Consciousness, ‘anger’ energy could mean you are sensing demons or you may be detecting other people’s lie or it might mean your potency is coming out!  Wow. How interesting, right?

So, does this mean you can act out your anger on others? Not really! Should you suppress? Absolutely Not… Instead, you release. In this video, Nila explains this in more detail and also walks you through an exercise to release your anger. Link to the video at the end.

How about we go a bit deeper and release anger with Light keys?

Anger Release with Light Keys
Anger is such a common emotion – which we mostly suppress or act out on others. Either way, a little while later – we tend to make ourselves wrong and go into self-pity or blame others. What a vicious cycle we get caught into!

How about we release it and free our body and mind? Willing to explore this possibility?

We warmly invite you to join us in this call as Nila leads us to experience ways to let go of anger with help of Light Keys. Choose to release and love yourself – a bit more!

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itself again and again – no matter how much it is poisoned, affected by nuclear wars – our bodies, which is of the same composition as earth, can regenerate too?

Willing to use earth’s capacities to help the body regenerate magically?
We invite you to join us in this beautiful class to reconnect with Mother Earth and allow her to regenerate and rejuvenate your body.

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What does anger do to you?
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